Application Process

Start the application process early!

Here is an overview of the off-campus study registration and application process:

Create an online Off-Campus Study Profile

Your profile will make the Center for Student Opportunity (CSO) office aware of your interest in off-campus study, so that we can inform you of information sessions and off-campus study visitors, remind you of off-campus application deadlines, and provide you with access to the materials that help you enroll in an off-campus study program. Begin an online profile here.

Explore Alma’s Off-Campus Programs

  • Review the program specific website links on the program pages for the most up-to-date information
  • Study the supporting materials about programs your are interested in, including academic information, cost estimates, and FAQs.
  • Contact off-campus study to find out if there is a student ambassador on campus that you can ask about their experience in the program.
  • Speak with an Alma College faculty program advisor for guidance and additional academic information.
  • Review the general off-campus study policies and information such as eligibility and deadlinescosts, FAQs and more.

Speak with your Academic Advisor

It is highly recommended to meet with your academic advisor during initial program exploration. They can work with you to consider how an off-campus study experience will impact your major and degree requirements. Determine what courses are needed to complete your academic plan. During your application for off-campus study, your academic advisor will be asked to complete an academic advisor recommendation on your behalf.

I’ve researched a few off-campus study programs and found the one that fits my academic and personal needs. What next?

Complete an Application for Off-Campus Study

Alma College requires all students to complete an off-campus study application and be approved to study off-campus before enrolling with your selected program. Select “apply” on the program page to begin the off-campus study application. Remember to check the application deadlines!

A breakdown of the process, from application to just before you leave for the program, is listed in the steps below.

Step One:

  • Create an account and select the program you wish to attend.
  • Once you have selected a program, a number of off-campus study application forms will be uploaded to your account. Follow the instructions provided for each form and complete them.

Step Two:

  • Once you have completed all of the forms uploaded to your account in Step 1, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment with the CSO assistant director for Venture and off-campus study for application review.
  • If approved, several enrollment forms will be uploaded to your online account.

Step Three:

  • Complete all enrollment forms

Step Four:

  • Receive notification of acceptance either from CSO or program

Step Five:

  • Complete necessary acceptance documents

Step Six:

  • Attend mandatory orientation
  • Finalize plans to study off-campus