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Are you creative? Are you curious?

Do you appreciate the beauty of a bridge or wonder how your Smartphone can control the lights in your home? If so, engineering might come naturally to you.

We’ll help you choose - or create - your own path to a career in engineering.

Carve your Own Path

You can major in engineering science or physics while pursuing a four year degree at Alma, or choose one of our partnership programs. You can also work with your faculty adviser to create a program of emphasis.

Why Choose Alma?

Engineering is not just about applying physics and math to solve interesting problems. Engineering is also about trying to understand why we need to solve those problems, and what the consequences of choosing a particular solution are.

Today’s engineers need to have a broad skillset, which includes critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to collaborate and communicate with others. Here at Alma, you will develop a solid foundation in physics and mathematics, complemented by an education in other areas in the liberal arts.

Interested in learning more about engineering? See the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions

Dual Degree Programs

3–2 Program

  • Study the first three years at Alma College, learning the fundamentals of physics and mathematics, while exploring other topics like biotechnology, environmental science, or chemistry.
  • Transfer to another institution to finish your engineering degree. We have an agreement with Kettering University, but it is not your only option.
  • When you finish your engineering degree, Alma will also award you a bachelor of science degree. Scots for life!

4-2 Program

  • Complete your bachelor’s degree at Alma College.
  • Apply for the MSE (Master of Science in Engineering) in Industrial and Systems Engineering program at Oakland University. Most of our students with GPAs of 3.0 or higher are accepted into the program.