Engineering FAQs

Interested in learning more about Engineering? Here are the most common questions students have about Engineering. 

If I went to Alma for four years in hopes of becoming an engineer, would I have to go to school longer than four years to pursue a Bachelor’s degree?

It is meant to be a four year degree, so you will finish with a BS in Engineering Science. You can then decide if you want to pursue a medical degree, do an engineering graduate program (MS) or go into industry.

Are there types of programs like a 3-2 program or a 4-2 program for engineering at Alma?

You can participate in our 3-2 programs. We have academic agreements with Kettering University and Oakland University, but you can transfer to any other institution (many of our students go to MSU). At the end of the 3-2 program you end with two Bachelor’s (BS) degrees (one from each institution).

You can also participate in our 4-2 program with Oakland University for Systems Engineering

If there are these programs what would each entail when it comes to degree type and years for school?

You will receive two Bachelor’s degrees in the 3-2 program. You will complete three years at Alma, and then 2-2.5 years at another institution. How long you will spend at the other institution will depend on the specifics of their programs and the classes that you take here at Alma.

Would I be able to achieve a Biomedical Engineering degree (or electrical or mechanical, or etc) with any of these programs?

You can do an Engineering Science major with a concentration (biomed, environmental), that will take you four years here at Alma.

Or, you can do a 3-2 program, transfer to another institution and end with an engineering degree in a specific area and an Applied Physics degree from Alma.

What is the average number of students in the engineering program at Alma?

Your classes will be small, allowing for individualized attention and the opportunity to get to know your professors. We have around 14 students in the program. 

What field of engineering do Alma students go into?

We currently have students in mechanical, environmental, biomedical (prosthesis) and civil engineering.

Could I be within the engineering program and still play softball (or football, or swimming) for the Scots?

Yes, you can definitely participate in extracurricular activities!  About 40% of Alma students are student-athletes and 53% participate in the fine or performing arts. 

How intense is the engineering program compared to other majors at Alma?

Engineering/Physics is hard; it requires around 62 credits (compared to 52 for other interdisciplinary majors), but it’s very rewarding when you start seeing your designs come to life!