Student Teaching - Early Childhood

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Early childhood student teaching is a requirement if you have a minor in Early Childhood.

You can choose to teach 7 weeks full-time or 14 weeks part-time.  You may student teach during the fall, winter, spring or summer terms.

This student teaching experience is in addition to the 14-weeks of student teaching you will do for your Elementary Education major.  We suggest that you complete your early childhood student teaching first to help you gain additional classroom experience and build confidence that will help you in your capstone Student Teaching classroom.  


Early Childhood Student Teachers need to complete the Application for Student Teaching due the November 15 prior to the desired student teaching year.  Most students apply during their junior year.  Keep an eye out for dates of our informational meeting in your Alma email account.  If you’d like, you can review the Admission to Student Teaching requirements.


After approval, the Education Department will support you in locating and securing a student teaching site, and will help you choose the teaching term that best works with your schedule.