Policies & Procedures

Admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP)

The Teacher Education Committee (TEC) reviews all applicants and judges their suitability for entrance to the program during the student’s sophomore year. Judgment of this suitability is based on the following:

  1. Formal application for admission to the TEP, including completion of a writing component, submitted by the deadline posted in the Education Department Office located in the lower level of the library. This must be completed during the sophomore year. If you have any questions, please see the Chair of the Education Department. (Students who decide to seek teacher certification after the sophomore year can be admitted late but may require extra time to complete the program.)
  2. A cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.75 and a grade of “C” or above in ENG 101 and MTH 101 or proficiency and evidence of proficiency in basic writing and mathematics skills. Proficiency is a grade of “C” or above in ENG 101 and MTH 101.
  3. Passing scores on the Michigan Basic Skills Test.
  4. Two recommendations from faculty outside the EDC Department at Alma College and recommendation of the Education Department.
  5. Evidence that the student is making an effort to acquire competence in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.
  6. Evidence that the applicant has personal characteristics conducive to success in the teaching profession.
  7. Good standing (not on academic, social or administrative probation).

Admission to Student Teaching

The Teacher Education Committee (TEC) reviews a student for admission to Directed Teaching (Education 490-491). For full approval students must have the following:

  1. Admission to the TEP.
  2. A formal application for student teaching submitted by November 15 of the academic year prior to student teaching.
  3. A 2.75 overall GPA.
  4. For secondary: a GPA in the area(s) of concentration (Major field[s]) of 2.75. For elementary: a GPA in the major(s) of 2.5 with C or above in all courses.
  5. A 2.5 GPA in Education courses and a grade of C or above in all courses.
  6. Passing scores on the Basic Skills Tests as required by the State of Michigan.
  7. Endorsement of the Department chair in each Teaching Major.

In compliance with State of Michigan specifications, satisfactory demonstration of

  1. high academic achievement.
  2. successful group work with children in classroom placements.
  3. knowledge of research-based teaching.
  4. working knowledge of modern technology and use of computers. This requirement will be met as students progress through the TEP.

Classroom Placement Students — Background Check

Michigan school districts require anyone who has contact with children in their school buildings, including staff or volunteers, to provide the district with documentation that he or she has not been placed on the central registry for substantiated abuse or neglect. All students who have an Education course with a classroom placement must have a background check completed at the Department of Human Services (DHS) in Ithaca, Mich., prior to beginning in their assigned classroom. This service is free of charge and DHS records must be current. Contact Chuck Sandro, the Education Department’s Field Experience Coordinator, for more details.

Student Teachers — Fingerprinting Procedure

School districts require fingerprinting of student teachers. All student teachers must have the Criminal Background Check Livescan fingerprinting procedure completed by June 1 prior to beginning student teaching in their assigned district. Livescan must be completed at a Michigan Department of Education-approved site and is a statewide procedure. A fee is charged for this service and fingerprint records must be valid within one year. Contact Peggy Thelen for more details.

Additional Endorsements

Holders of Michigan Secondary or Elementary Certificates who wish to add Elementary, Early Childhood, or Secondary Endorsements shall present a Planned Program approved by Alma’s Education Department.

Additional Notes

Admission to the Teacher Education Program is a prerequisite for all classes at the 300 level and above. It is expected that students take no more than one placement class in any semester.