Requirements & Courses


  • EDC
    Curriculum and Methods: Early Childhood
    4 credits
    Prerequisite: TEP Approval
    Preparation for planning and facilitating developmentally appropriate learning experiences for young children in the content areas of language, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, health and safety. Techniques for adapting instruction to culturally diverse learners and those with developmental delays. Preparation in appropriate management and guidance techniques, and designing appropriate physical environments and schedules for young children. Students practice integrating systematic observation of young children’s behavior with instructional design and assessment and program evaluation techniques. Students learn techniques for working cooperatively with families in the care and education of their children and with community services and referral procedures for children. Includes a 30-hour practicum in an early childhood site. Required for Early Childhood Endorsement. Classroom placement included. Fall 2021 and Fall 2023 only.
  • SOC
    Sociology of Family
    4 credits
    Prerequisite: SOC-101
    Examines how family life is structured by broader social, political, and economic changes. Analysis organized historically around clan, lineage, nuclear and post-nuclear family structures. Contemporary family problems also studied. Fall Term.