What Can I Do With An Economics Major?

Our alumni profiles tell you the stories of three recent alumni who have found successful careers in financial services, healthcare and the federal government. But economists do a variety of things.

For example, in business, economists often analyze economic conditions, make forecasts, offer strategic planning initiatives, collect and analyze data, and predict exchange rate movements. In government, economists collect and analyze data, monitor international economic situations, research monetary conditions, advise on public policy, and much more. 

Internships get you started!

Internships offer excellent preparation and can be the launching pad for your career path. After completing an internship with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange ( between his junior and senior year at Alma, Thomas McGuire went to work for the CME immediately after graduation and is now Manager for Clearing Services there.

 A degree in economics is also a great foundation for graduate programs, MBAs, or law school. So, what can you do with an economics major? Whatever you want!