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A flexible program aids your academic planning.

Although we would like for students to come to Alma College with a passion for economics, we know from experience that it is often only after the first economics course that a student becomes fascinated with learning how people and organizations choose to allocate their resources. We have intentionally made the economics program flexible enough that students can usually add an economics major (even as a second major) or minor as late as their junior year and still finish their degree within four years. That’s economical academic planning!

A broad-based foundation in economic theory and practice

In addition to the introductory courses in micro- and macroeconomics and the history of the discipline, course offerings include studies in money and capital markets, mathematical applications, public finance, economic development, labor economics, and international trade and markets. These courses prepare students for successful completion of economics graduate programs, law school, MBA program or to move directly into a career in business, financial services, or for state or federal government.