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In the words of our alumni…

Darryl Schimeck ’82

President and CEO, Optimer Brands

Chicago, IL

Simply put, economics is the study of how people, organizations and societies use their resources.

Why do we choose to use our time and money in the ways that we do? Why do governments adopt different economic policies and how do those decisions affect their citizens?

Economics is a social science, concerned with identifying the predicted outcomes of different choices. And it isn’t just about money. Economists apply economic analysis to study crime, marriage, divorce, health, addiction, sports, voting behavior, presidential elections, and much more. 

Build an Economist’s Toolkit

Your economics courses will include the study of labor, land, investments, markets, money, and production. By applying historic and modern economic theory at the individual, societal, corporate, and governmental levels, you will gain the tools you need to:

  • Use critical and logical thought to solve problems
  • Identify, collect and analyze quantitative data
  • Present ideas effectively, both in writing and public speaking