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The study of communication is the study of how people make meaning in relationships, organizations, communities and cultures. 

Communication at Alma

Communication majors and minors will take interdisciplinary courses, do critical and creative project work, and complete required internships to prepare for professional careers in communication or graduate work.

Our major includes a common core and capstone for all majors and minors, but our majors work closely with our faculty to choose elective and cognate courses and internship opportunities that best connect the student’s interests and goals to professional contexts of communication work.


Our three core courses build a foundation for thinking about communication. You’ll learn how to think systematically about communication and figure out where you “fit” in the field as well as develop skills in public speaking and critical thinking.


We work with you to develop a learning path to fit with your career goals. Some specific career paths our majors take are: public health and healthcare industries, sports and entertainment, advocacy of environmental and social justice issues, human resources, counseling, public relations, political campaigns, organizational consulting and leadership, and a variety of other professions.


Our three capstone classes are taken in the Junior and Senior years, and include an internship in which students gain “real world” experience. They are designed to help you see connections in the other courses you’ve taken and prepare you for the next step—getting a job.