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Take a virtual tour of the chemistry lab with Dr. Turk. 

Chemists have solutions.

Chemistry brings people and problems together. As chemists, our studies range from the measurement of physical properties to the biological effects of small molecules.  Our graduates find their passions in pharmacy, medical, and even law schools, chemical industry, academia, graduate schools, and more!  Click here to view some recent graduate profiles!

Study in chemistry forms a firm foundation for progress in many other disciplines. Students who have studied chemistry at Alma College are currently solving environmental problems, working to provide energy solutions, developing pharmaceuticals and treating patients, and are attending graduate and medical schools, among many other applications and careers. Learn more about what you can do with a chemistry degree.

Get to Know Us

The Alma College Chemistry Department consists of 6 faculty members, 3 support staff, and 150-200 undergraduate students (on average), many of whom are involved in research projects. Read More ➞

Want to Know How to Navigate a Chemistry Major?

Our program’s quality and completeness is certified by the American Chemical Society for the training of professional chemists.  You can view our course requirements or you can view some of our suggested pathways to a Chemistry major, including specific advice to those interested in pursuing pre-medicine. Read More ➞

ACS Salaries and Employment 

Things are looking up for chemists! This survey, conducted by the American Chemical Society, shows the unemployment rate for chemists is just 3.1% which is less than the US average which varies around 4%!  The survey also reports average salaries for chemistry in academia and industry to be $78,000 and $115,000, respectively.  Click on the link to read more!

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