Business Administration

What Can I Do With a Business Administration Major?

Great Scots at Work

Our alumni have gone so many different paths with their business degrees, we cannot possibly list them all here. Management, accounting, sales and marketing, finance, non-profit administration, government or law are common choices. But here are a few stories that might inspire you.


Terra Teague Hess,’08 Terra at Google

Retail Industry Analyst, Google

“My liberal arts education allowed me the privilege to develop more than a network of connections, but rather an extended family. The faculty invested in me as a person – giving me the most valuable gift a liberal arts school can…its time. How many large state school students can say that their professors invited them into their home for class dinners or to get help editing a paper? How many can say that their instructor would spend their weekend prepping them for a potential job interview? Not many. I would not be where I am today without the Alma College faculty, who cared enough to push me, to challenge me, to help me find my true passion.


Wealth Management Specialist, Merrill Lynch Josh Brehm,’06

Wealth Management Banker, Merrill Lynch

Josh Brehm completed his academic requirements in December 2006. While at Alma, he won the prestigious Gagliardi Trophy, given annually to the best football player in the nation in NCAA Division III. The Gagliardi is the Heisman Trophy equivalent for Division III football. Not just a sports award, the Gagliardi recognizes excellence in academics, athletics and community service. After Alma, Josh completed an MBA in Finance and Financial Management Services at Walsh College.


April Kerby, ’04 April Kerby, '04

Assistant Professor, Winona State University

Although she completed a double major in business administration and statistics as an undergraduate, April still found time to participate in the marching and concert bands. There were many paths open to her with this strong double major, but she found herself drawn to teaching. “After I graduated from Alma, I went to graduate school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I got both my masters and PhD in statistics. I’m now teaching at Winona State University and it’s been fulfilling work.”


Matt Krieg, '04 Matt Krieg, ’04

Owner, Pizza One in Alma, MI

Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his love of good pizza, led him to open Pizza One in 2010. Business has been good; he and his partner have plans to expand the dining area of the restaurant. Matt received the Young Alumni Award in 2013 for his service to Alma College and the community.


Erika Powers Appelt, ’90 Erika Powers Appelt '90

Partner, Barnes & Thornburg, LLP

Erika Powers, the college’s 2013 Smith Distinguished Alumni Award winner, is a Chicago attorney specializing in environmental law. She was also recently appointed to the Alma College Board of Trustees. “Alma has a dedicated faculty and staff who are passionate about the college’s continued success. With those kinds of leaders, it’s hard not to stay involved.”