Student Opportunities

Biotechnology students take what they learn in class and apply it in the real world.

They may participate in original, faculty-mentored research on campus or in the field, or they may find internships in industry or at other academic institutions. Here is information about some of the opportunities that biotech faculty have provided for students as well as new opportunities that might be awaiting your participation!

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

First-year science and mathematics students have the extraordinary opportunity to engage in research before they even stop foot on campus. through the ACORN summer research opportunity.


Research-focused spring term courses give students a taste of what life is like as a scientist while acquiring new skills and tackling challenging academic topics.

Alma’s one-month spring term is an opportunity for students to focus on a single course. This enables faculty to offer research-focused courses both on campus and off that give students a feel for how science is done in the real world. Real experiments can rarely be done in three or four hour blocks once a week. Instead, experiments may take several hours or days, requiring attention from researchers at odd hours. Field work requires even more flexibility. The spring term frees students and faculty from the time constraints that are present during the fall and winter semesters. This unique format opens up a world of possibilities!


The Alma Venture program ensures that all students will have the opportunity to learn through real-world experience.  

Whether you choose a summer research internship on campus, a spring term in the Amazon, or a volunteer position in a top lab at another institution, an Alma Venture Grant will provide financial support to enable students to take advantage of these opportunities.