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A program at the frontier of science in the liberal arts

Biotech pushes the boundaries of conventional scientific disciplines. 

This is a field where biologists, chemists, physicists, computer scientists, philosophers and others work together to make exciting new advancements and conquer challenging problems that face society. From the age old practice of using yeast in baking bread and brewing beer to using modern recombinant DNA techniques to produce therapeutics like human insulin, biotechnologists use living organisms or life processes as tools to advance society.

Biotech is hot!

Students in the biotechnology minor at Alma College study contemporary “hot topics” using modern techniques and lab instrumentation. They also have the opportunity to gain real-world experience by interacting with professionals in the industry.

Biotech is hands-on!

This minor prepares students with skills for graduate studies in biomedical science as well as for work in research, health, pharmaceutical, environmental science and agricultural biotechnology settings. Alma has a history of successfully placing its graduates in biotechnology positions. The biotech minor is also ideally suited for students planning on going to medical school or pursuing another healthcare-related profession.

Biotech is happening!

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