Biology Major and Minor

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Develop a deep understanding of the living world, from molecules and cells to plants and animals.

Ask big questions and find answers through hands-on work in the laboratory and research.

Studying Biology at Alma College

As a student of biology, you’ll develop a solid understanding of fundamentals, including the basics of cellular and molecular biology, reproduction and development, genetics and evolution.

You’ll explore how these concepts relate to broader biological contexts such as human ecology and health, environmental issues and evolution. You’ll then dive into advanced study, exploring topics like immunology, aquatic biology and microbiology.

At Alma, we believe that the best learning happens through doing. Throughout your courses, you’ll have the opportunity to put everything you study into practice through hands-on lab work, practicums and research experience.

Are you looking to pursue a career in medicine or the health professions? Biology is one of the most popular majors for pre-med and pre-health students at Alma. You’ll benefit from a tailored curriculum and a panel of pre-health advisors who will provide one-on-one support as you prepare for graduate school.

Program Highlights

When you study biology at Alma, you’ll grow through experiences on and beyond campus.

You can design a summer research project with funding from the College or engage in a semester, year or multi-year research experience. You’ll also take two Spring Term courses, which include opportunities to travel all over the world as well as conduct research closer to home.

Back on campus, you’ll work in our laboratories, which we equip with the cutting-edge equipment and software you need to study molecular and cellular biology.

You’ll also have 200 acres of space for environmental research on your doorstep. Our ecological station in neighboring Vestaburg provides ample facilities and natural areas for research and observation.

“Without the help of my education at Alma College, I would not have had the opportunity or ability to conduct biomedical research or even dream of attending medical school. Now, I can happily say that I am published in two high-impact scientific journals as well as attending one of the top 50 medical schools, according to U.S. News, in the nation.”

—Andrew Monroe
Navy Medical Officer

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Where Can Biology Take Me?

A degree in biology provides a broad scientific foundation and will equip you with invaluable research, analytical and critical thinking skills. As such, it is an excellent launchpad for a wide range of challenging and rewarding careers and graduate-level programs.

Our alumni work as biologists, environmental scientists, physicians and physician assistants, physical and occupational therapists, dentists, veterinarians and teachers.