Program Overview

Program Goals

1) Prepare students to utilize evidence-based practices to answer clinical questions and provide patient-centered care. Corresponds to Alma College Core Values #2 & #3

2) Prepare students to demonstrate competence in athletic training knowledge and clinical education skills to provide quality patient care. Corresponds to Alma College Core Values #2 & #3

3) Prepare students to practice engaged citizenship, service-driven leadership, and committed stewardship. Corresponds to Alma College Core Values #1 , #2, & #3

4) Prepare students to develop and incorporate into their clinical practice behavior that is ethically, morally, and legally just. Corresponds to Alma College Core Values #1 , #3, & #4)

5) Prepare students to become proficient in skills of critical thinking, professional communication, and critical assessment. Corresponds to Alma College Core Values #2 & #3



Program Costs

Additional costs lying outside of the college’s required tuition, room and board, and student fees are minimal yet none the less, present. Athletic training students are required to pay a one-time fee of $10 for registration as a student member in the Michigan Athletic Trainers’ Society (MATS), the state of Michigan’s professional athletic training organization.

In addition, off-campus clinical rotations are necessary for certain experiences. Each student can reasonably expect to take part in two to three off-campus rotations throughout the course of their four years. Travel costs are the responsibility of the student. A high-end estimate of paying both the one-time registration fee and providing travel costs for one semester is approximately $60. These costs are in addition to the school’s parking pass fees.