Art and Design

What Can I Do With An Art & Design Major

Art Fields and Careers 

This is a partial list of occupations which employ professional artists or require an Art or Art History background. Find links to profiles and web sites for Alma Alumni who work in many of these professions.

Michael Barnes ’91 - Printmaking; Junior College, College/University Teaching

Mark Beltchenko ’74 - Sculpture

Susan Goethel Campbell ’79 - Printmaking

Matt Culver - Public and Private Classroom Teaching

Emily Damstra ’97 - Scientific Illustration

Sabrina Jankowski Garvin ’05  - Studio Photography

Brad Guigar ’91 - Cartooning

Heidi Henke ’00 - Freelance Design

Christine Hesch - Public and Private Classroom Teaching

Jeff Huyck ’76 - Photography; Studio Photography

Jo Mollagen-Jaksa - Public and Private Classroom Teaching

Peter Johnston - Television, Movie and Multi-Media Design

Scottland Kennard ’88 - Private and Public Building Design

Lynda Lowe ’75 - Painting

Rebecca Miller ’09 - Layout and Pre-press Production

Brent Oeschger - Toy Design

Keleigh Lee Osborn -Health Care Communication Design

Beth Siewert Purdy ’01 - Painting; Junior College, College/University Teaching

Beth Ann Short ’90 - Art Therapy

Pam Wehmeyer Spicer ’79 - Painting ; Freelance Design

John Swise ’05 - Studio Photography

Tina Vivian ’94 - Set, Costume, Lighting and Make-up Design 

Elisabeth Wilder - Public and Private Classroom Teaching