Art and Design


We have two types of scholarships available to all of our artists and designers.

As an art student at Alma College, it is possible for you to receive a scholarship based on your artwork. Visual arts scholarships available through the Department of Art & Design, for which a portfolio of artwork is required.

Performance Scholarships in Art ($1,500 renewable)

Each year several incoming students may receive a performance scholarship that is renewable yearly when the recipient follows the yearly requirements. Each student receiving this scholarship must obtain a minimum of an Art Studio minor or Art History Minor along with any other major/minor of their choice.

Procedures for Submitting a portfolio — Due by March 1 each year
  • All letters and images are submitted via e-mail to Nick Wracan at
  • Please include a typed letter of intent explaining your interest in Art and your intentions to continue studying Art at Alma College.
  • 10-12 images of your strongest pieces of artwork. Identify each piece with the title, medium, size, and the year the work was completed.
  • Please place the letter of intent and the images on one PDF document for our review.

Distinguished Performance Scholarships in Art

Each year, incoming students who have already submitted a portfolio may be recommended for the Distinguished Scholarship in Art and may receive a Distinguished Art Scholarship based upon materials submitted and reviewed by the Art department. A final Distinguished scholarship amount is decided on by the admissions and financial aid office. For renewability requirements, please reach out to Nick Wracan at