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Three degree options leading to exciting and fulfilling career tracks in the visual arts. These include; Animation, Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting, 3-D modeling, Art History, and  Arts Management just to name a few. Review our Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) , Bachelor of Arts (BA) or our Program of Emphases offerings. We also have a minor in Art and Art History.

Art & Design offers three programs based in studio art and art history. These include Animation, Ceramics, Drawing, Illustration, Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Painting, Photography, Sculpture and prepares students to continue in Graduate School for Art Therapy, Art History, Arts Management, and a Masters of Fine Arts that can lead to College teaching careers.

We offer the following degrees:

1. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree is a pre-professional degree in studio art or design offering 88 hours of studio instruction including art history and art theory. Students build an excellent portfolio in one or more  of the following concentrations:

  • Animation & Interactive Design: Available through a partnership with Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD), University of Dundee, Scotland. Art students would do their studio work in drawing, figurative modeling, and graphic arts in preparation to go to DJCAD during their 3rd year and return to Alma for their thesis exhibition.
  • Ceramics & Sculpture: wheel throwing, figurative, coil building, and sculptural ceramics. 3-D modeling and printing, metal and wood work.
  • Drawing & Painting: figure drawing, general drawing, storyboard, drawing for animation, painting, and printmaking.
  • Graphic Design & Photography: logo design, branding, brochure design, typography, web design, motion graphics. Film and digital photography, commercial applications, documentary, alternative processes, photo intaglio & relief.

2. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree program provides a more general study suitable for those wishing to combine their study of art with other liberal arts disciplines. This degree provides 36 hours of studio time including some art history. Students who desire a more intense consideration in any of the above areas may select an emphasis of 20 additional credits to complement their portfolios. Students with a BA in art and an emphasis in graphic design, photography, and drawing/illustration have often combined their Art degree with Business, English, Music, New Media Studies, Psychology, Sociology, and Theater to name a few.

3. Program of Emphases (POE)

Available through the Art History area in Art History and Arts Management. This degree option is created by the student in close coordination with their faculty sponsor. Together a degree is created that fits the student’s needs and career focus. Once the POE has been outlined it must be approved by the Department and the College.

Art and Art History Minors

The art minor is comprised of 24 credits of studio art while the art history minor requires 24 credits of art history. If you’re looking to become a curator or gallery director, we offer courses and internships in arts management.

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