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Anthropology is the study of what it means to be human - what makes our species different, and how have we managed to develop so many successful but unique ways of living in this world?

Anthropology is a very applied major — we believe you need to get out in the field to really understand the complexity of cultures! That real-world experience varies drastically from one student to another, but could include:

Anthropology major BJ Schutte does lab work at the college's Ecological Station.
Our department has an active Anthropology Club and honorary society, and there are always students heading off on some new journey to learn more about humanity.  Our faculty want to hear about your passions and goals, and we are glad to help you link them to unique experiences that will help you to grow academically and as a person. 

Anthropology club hosted an atlatl and dart throwing exhibition at homecoming 2015.

Our spring term class on Contemporary Native Communities of Michigan visited Sugar Island in Saul...