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Please note: the Anthropology major/minor has been discontinued with the class of 2022.

NOTE: The Anthropology major and minor have been discontinued with the class of 2022.


Are you interested in people and their cultures? Anthropology might just be the major for you.

The anthropology major at Alma College gives you a deeper understanding of yourself as well as humankind and culture in general. Studying anthropology as a major or minor also exposes you to tools that help you become a lifelong learner who comprehends world issues.

From archaeology to linguistics to botany, anthropology closely connects to all studies in the liberal arts, giving you a well-rounded education.


Anthropology students develop a skill set that is in high demand. It also gives you the opportunity to insert your personal interests into your studies.

Alma’s anthropology major prepares you for graduate study in the social sciences. You also are prepared to explore career possibilities in a wide variety of fields, including sociology, social work, business, non-profit and personnel administration, law, ministry, public health, museum curatorship, forensics, corrections, government,  international development, linguistics, foreign service, national park service, genealogy, social psychology, linguistics, technical writing, journalism, ethnobotany, environmental sciences, and eco-tourism, among many others.

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