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Marlee Schilbe '16

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Perspectives on the American Experience(s)

Focuses on seminal sources for deepening one’s perspectives on “America.”

Culture is a complex system shaped by history, arts, social, religious, economic and political structures, environment and technologies.

The American Studies minor allows you to explore the many dimensions of the American experience by bringing together the tools from a variety of disciplines.

The program is designed to expose you to a variety of different disciplinary perspectives on American culture, yet allows you to select the tools and the questions about culture that are most compelling to you.

Along the way, you may just discover how other disciplines like economics and anthropology offer unexpectedly relevant and exciting insights into the questions that matter most to you.

Personalize your study

Interested in studying popular culture? Then you might plan to emphasize courses in art, English and communication.

Would you rather explore social justice? Then consider emphasizing work in sociology, political science and economics.

Are you curious about religion in American culture? You might be more interested in classes in religious studies, English and history.

And, if you decide you’re interested in pursuing graduate work in American Studies, consider combining your American Studies minor with a major in history or English.