Program Highlights

What will you work for?

The Presidential Honors Program at Alma College is designed to provide the structure and the flexibility that will allow you to enhance your educational experience while developing a sense of comradeship with other strong students. You may complete the honors program requirements through one of several paths, choosing the one that best accommodates your interests, strengths and career goals.

Freshman Year

Honors students enroll in a one-semester 2-credit First Year Honors course, usually in the winter term. During this seminar, you will learn the history and rationale of the liberal arts and begin to consider how the liberal arts can best serve the needs of a 21st century student. You will also begin to consider possible collaborative efforts with faculty in your interest fields.

Sophomore Year

During your second year, you will enroll in a one-semester 2-credit Honors seminar and complete one of two projects:

  1. A special research project from the “Faculty Project Catalog,” which includes a list of research projects that faculty members have identified as needing student input to create a clearer picture
  2. A directed study project proposed by the student and endorsed by a member of the Alma College faculty

Junior and Senior Years

During your last two years at Alma, to receive the honors designation upon graduation you must maintain a cumulative GPA average of 3.5 or higher and complete:

  • A 4-credit research project under close direction of a faculty member
  • A formal proposal to the Alma College administration to enhance the Alma College student experience or to enhance the college’s reputation beyond Michigan’s borders
  • A service learning project
  • A presentation of honors-related research on Honors Day
  • A senior honors thesis or project

You may also choose to complete the requirements for membership in Phi Beta Kappa.