Parking Safety Tips

While Alma is a safe and friendly area, vehicle break-ins and vandalism occur occasionally on campus. Take action to safeguard yourself and your vehicle.

  1. Lock all doors and close all windows after parking.
  2. Secure the vehicle with an electronic alarm, if available.
  3. Do not leave valuables in plain sight. Unoccupied vehicles should have valuable items removed at all times.
  4. If you park your car but do not use it regularly, check on it daily.
  5. Keep your doors locked when driving.
  6. Always remain alert in parking areas.
  7. If you believe that you are being followed, do not drive to your parking area. Instead, drive to the Campus Safety and Security office or a place where there are many people and immediately notify the local authorities and/or Campus Safety and Security at (989) 463-7777.
  8. Promptly report any campus lighting or other maintenance or groundskeeping concerns that may require immediate attention.