Priority 3: Responsible Stewardship

The college’s resources will be managed responsibly to strengthen our financial position and maintain long-term fiscal health. We will energize supporters to expand the resource base. We will ensure that the physical campus is the equal of peer institutions and meets the needs of students, faculty and staff alike, emphasizing environmental sustainability.

Objective One: Use new technologies and time-tested strategies to improve recruitment and retention outcomes. Reach out to new markets to connect with students who are a good fit for the college.

  • Metric: By 2020, total student enrollment will exceed 1600.

Objective Two: Maintain a strong financial foundation to support college operations and prepare for future needs.

  • Metrics: Improve college liquidity by increasing the average number of days of expendable cash on hand. Increase net revenue generated through student enrollment, balancing price and aid awarded to students. Maintain an above average debt viability ratio through strategic use of new and existing debt.

Objective Three: Deferred maintenance budget will be sufficient to support campus infrastructure and growth.

  • Metric: By 2020, increase deferred maintenance budget to a minimum of 1% of overall expenses annually with a target of $450,000 to $500,000.

Objective Four: Establish an Alma College-record comprehensive campaign to bolster endowment and fund building projects and new programs.

  • Metric: By June 30, 2020 the total dollar value of campaign gifts will exceed $80,000,000.

Objective Five: Develop a “Go Green” campaign to engage students, faculty and staff in implementing strategies to reduce the college’s negative impact on the environment.

  • Metric: Invite campus input on initiatives to improve energy efficiency and provide annual updates to the campus on the results of those initiatives.

Objective Six: Make further progress on the campus initiatives outlined in the campus master plan.

  • Metric: Between 2011 and 2020, complete at least one new construction or major renovation of an academic building, renovate or replace 20% of student rooms, and complete one major renovation of athletic facilities.

Objective Seven: Create a mechanism for annual campus review of the strategic plan to ensure that the goals and objectives reflect the changing needs of the college.

  • Metric: At least 2 campus-driven initiatives will be incorporated into the plan during the period.