Sales of Food and Merchandise on Campus by Students

Alma College supports entrepreneurship efforts by college students. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that sales of food or merchandise by Alma College students meet all legal and regulatory requirements, and do not expose the college to safety or other liability concerns.


This policy provides guidance on sales of food or merchandise by Alma College students. It applies only to sales that occur on the Alma College campus, and/or are made using the Alma College name. Furthermore, this policy covers only sales by students acting independently, or as groups not supported by college faculty or staff (hereinafter referred to independent sales). Sales made as a fundraiser by members of a team or group, under the guidance of an Alma College coach, faculty, or other staff member are not covered by this policy.


  1. On-campus sales of food or merchandise by Alma College students are not allowed unless supported by an Alma College team or group under the direction of college faculty or staff, or have been pre-approved by the Policy and Planning Committee.
  2. Sales of services are allowed provided the service meets all legal/regulatory requirements and are not provided using the name of Alma College, unless authorized by the college. Services may not be advertised on college property or through Alma College media.


  1. Applications for approval of independent sales of food or merchandise must be made at least 30 days prior to the first sale. Send a description of the product or service to be sold, desired location and dates and times of sales to policyplanningcouncil@alma.edu.
  2. The Policy and Planning Committee will consider the request within 10 business days of the request and will notify the requestor(s) of the approval/denial/need for more information after consideration. Sales may not commence unless approval is granted.
  3. Appeals of a denial may be submitted to the President’s Cabinet for reconsideration. The decision of the Cabinet will be final.


The Policy and Planning Committee will administer this policy.