Student Life

Off-campus Favorites


You name it, and Stucchi’s has it. Located in College Corner Coffee & Books, this eatery has a wide variety of menu options, including doughnuts, soups, salads and sandwiches.

Try one of the all-beef kosher hot dogs, or dip into the ice cream selection by getting some “Scottish Pride,” Alma College’s very own flavor. For those early mornings or late nights, we also recommend using your Munch Money to grab a cup of fair trade organic coffee.

Pizza One

Located in downtown Alma, this pizzeria is owned and operated by an Alma alumnus!

Pizza One specializes in round and deep-dish pizzas, but the menu options hardly end there. You also can order calzone-style subs, pasta, and salads.

The best part? Well, that’s a toss-up between using your Munch Money and ordering online from the comfort of your dorm room: