Student Life

Where will I eat and sleep?

From your first day on campus you’ll find Alma is a friendly, welcoming place. You’ll quickly make friends through your classes and your extracurricular activities, but your closest friends may very well become the people you live with in Alma’s residence halls or other housing options.

With an awesome selection of housing options, there’s a place for everyone on Alma College’s campus—literally. In addition to traditional dorms and apartments, Alma offers numerous small and theme housing options.


Wherever you spend your four years at Alma, though, living on a residential campus has a lot of benefits: you will meet more people, attend more events and have more fun. The best part is that your new friends will always be minutes away.

And so will your classes! Whether you have a habit of hitting the snooze button, or you’re an early-riser who likes to snag a cup of coffee before class, it’s difficult to be late for class at Alma. Convenient, right?

We invite you to explore Alma’s residence life by checking out our housing options. No matter where you live, by choosing Alma you are choosing to be part of a close-knit campus community that can’t wait for you to join us!