Student Life

Special Interest

  • Active Minds

    Active Minds is a student organization focused on educating students about mental health issues and resources available to help. It is a national student organization that is on more than 200 campuses. Alma participates in programs that promote resources for depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, suicide prevention and many other mental health issues that college students face. The group was in new in 2009 and is always welcoming new members. For more information, contact:

  • Alma College Hepcats

    We provide a fun and inclusive environment for the learning of various styles of dance, including East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, and Blues dancing every Saturday from 8 p.m.-11 p.m. See our Facebook page or contact our Advisor Kristen Bennett or President Anna Weber.

  • Alma College Otaku and Gamers (ACOG)

    Founded in 2002, ACOG (Alma College Otaku and Gamers) has grown as an organization on campus from its humble friend group beginnings. Keeping its roots in video games, tabletop, anime and other nerdisms, ACOG stays active with weekly events, chosen by members at the end of each month and by putting on AlmaCon each February. Anyone wishing to be involved in the organization can attend the weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7:30 in DOW 132, or check out the Facebook group. For more questions, feel free to contact the president of ACOG, Shayla Baldwin, at

  • Alma College Republicans

    The Alma College Republicans want to make known and promote Republican principles on Campus. We work to aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government, learning political and leadership skills in preparation for future service to our party and community. If you are interested in getting involved, you can contact or join our Facebook group: “Alma College Republicans.”

  • Alma College Union Board (ACUB)

    ACUB is a student-run organization that is responsible for hosting different events throughout the year for students, including movies, game tournaments, excursions off campus such as Piston or Red Wings games, etc. There is no fee to join this group and you can contact any of the board members or the advisor about joining the group. ACUB also rents out stereo equipment, projectors and popcorn machines. Call us at x8681 with any questions.

  • Amnesty International

    Amnesty International is an international human rights group. Here at Alma, our goals are to educate ourselves and the campus about human rights abuses at all levels as well as voice our concerns to the United States government through letters and conferences. We strive to make differences at the local level to affect the world globally.

  • Catholic Student Organization

    The Catholic Student Organization (CSO) is focused on helping students continue to learn about the fundamentals of Catholic faith and theology. The group meets once a week for discussion-style meetings in the Chapel basement. The group is open to all students regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof. CSO also organizes some other philanthropic events throughout the year. To join, simply attend a meeting. For more information, see our Facebook page, contact our advisor: Ed Lorenz, 463-7203,, or our president: Jacob Poliskey,

  • Climbing Club

    The Alma College Climbing Club is a group dedicated to climbing rocks—really big rocks. The club takes annual climbing trips to some of the most beautiful places the United States has to offer, including past trips to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, the New River Gorge in West Virginia and Horse Pens 40 in Alabama.

  • Colleges Against Cancer

    Colleges Against Cancer is a small, student-run organization that works closely with the American Cancer Society. On campus, students form committees to plan awareness programs for the campus. All of these programs are cancer related. Students have planned events such as GASO, or the Great American Smoke Out, to increase awareness on college campuses of the dangers of smoking. We also plan Relay For Life, which takes place each spring. Students may join CAC at anytime during the year by contacting a committee member. As someone new to the group they can serve on a committee or take charge of planning an event. Many people who join CAC their first year take an officer position the following year.

  • Equestrian Club

    This organization is open to anyone who is interested in competing at the collegiate level of the equestrian sport. We will share our knowledge of the various disciplines executed at the collegiate level and motivate each other to excel in the sport. Our club competes throughout the year against various colleges in numerous locations. The club promotes hard work and training and helps enhance sportsmanship as an individual and as a team. For additional information about the association we compete in please view If you have any questions or are interested in joining our club, please contact:, Jennifer Willey 269-532-0207 (, Lane Thompson 989-575-1263 (, or advisor Deb Dougherty 989-466-5451 (

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Alma is an informal group that meets weekly for an hour. Anyone is welcome to come, even if they don’t play a sport in college. Meetings include a time of sharing and prayer, a game and then short devotional. The group also has small parties; for example carving pumpkins for Halloween and gingerbread house contests around Christmas.

  • Food Advisory Board

    The Food Advisory Board (FAB) is simply a forum that is open to any and all students, faculty or staff to discuss all things food on campus. The group meets with the General Manager of Campus Dining for input or to offer suggestions to assist in better tailoring the menus and services to meet the needs of the entire campus community. FAB meets twice each month in the Faculty Dining Room at 5:30 p.m.

  • Forgotten Children of Eastern Europe (FCEE)

    FCEE is a student-run organization that creates and implements fundraisers to raise money for children’s orphanages or shelters in Ukraine. Students wishing to join can simply come to weekly meetings. Each meeting is less than an hour long and consists of planning fundraisers and making other important decisions within the group. Each year P-Global sponsors two students who demonstrate great involvement and passion for the group to be chosen to go to Ukraine for up to 4 weeks in the summer and visit the orphanage FCEE sponsors.

  • Gender & Sexuality Diversity

    Gender and Sexuality Diversity is a support group for individuals on campus who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer (LGBTQ) or who are supportive of those who are LGBTQ and of LGBTQ issues. Students participate in state-wide events such as the AIDS Walk in Lansing as well as hosting several other events such as the Drag Ball, Day of Silence, movie nights, National Aids Awareness Day, etc. To get involved, students need to attend the meetings, events or office hours. The office is open to the campus for individuals to hang out, do homework, play games, etc. For more information, contact advisor Anne Lambrecht.

  • Hispanic Coalition (HisCo)

    We in the Hispanic Coalition (commonly known as HisCo) make it our mission to increase cultural awareness on campus and in our communities. Throughout the year we hold fundraisers and other drives in order to help the migrant workers in our area as well as other causes the group feels passionate about in addition to hosting events during Hispanic Heritage Month. We aim to break out of the Alma Bubble in order to learn more about the cultures that surround us. Visit us on FacebookEmail Hisco or contact advisor Stephany Slaughter or president Alana DuLyn for more information.

  • International Criminal Court Student Network

    Our goal is to increase awareness on campus and in the community about the International Criminal Court as well as provide opportunities for students to network and travel to The Hague. For more information on how to join, contact advisor Ed Lorenz.

  • Kiltie Color Guard

    The Kiltie Color Guard’s goal is to advance the athletic form of the arts in that it uses dance, props, body movement, music, and emotion to create choreography. This choreography is made to complement the Marching Show in the fall and to reflect the interests and passions of the guard members in the Indoor Show. For more information, contact advisor Dave Zerbe or instructor Beth Turner.

  • Kiltie Dancers

    Kilties is a Scottish Highland dance performance group on campus. Each of the dancers in Kilties has been taking lessons for at least one year from either the advisor or previously from another certified Scottish Highland dance instructor. They perform at the Homecoming parade and football game each year. Kiltie Dancers also perform in the community for various holidays and events. For more information, contact advisor Kate DeGood or see the Mid Michigan Dance Academy website.

  • Literacy Beyond Borders

    LBB works to raise awareness and combat illiteracy and education issues in the Alma community as well as aid developing countries in their endeavors to improve education within their own borders. See the Literacy Beyond Borders Website or contact Alaina Dague or Kelsey Allen or faculty advisor Sandy Hulme.

  • MacCurdy House Women’s Resource Center

    The MacCurdy House is Alma College’s Women’s Resource Center. The house has a library collection of resources relevant to women’s resources, women’s studies, gender studies and equal rights. The MacCurdy House is an organization of individuals passionate about equal rights for all people and for the prevention of violence against others. The members of the house plan and host several events each semester promoting these ideas and supporting the Women’s Aid Shelter of Gratiot County. The most popular events are in the winter semester, with “The Vagina Monologues” and a host of Women’s Month events in March, including: Slutwalk, The Clothesline Project, Relay for Life, films, panel discussions, and prominent speakers. To live in the house in the fall, students must first apply in the winter and interview with the house advisor and a member of the Women’s Issues Advisory Board (WIAB).

  • Model UN

    Model UN is a winter semester political science course open without prerequisite to all students, regardless of major. Model UN students often enroll as first year students and continue as team members throughout their four years at Alma (Model UN can be taken every year for credit.) Students represent both countries and non-governmental organizations researching current policies and developing ways to improve at the Midwest competition in St. Louis and the national competition in New York City. They also spend two days in the United Nations headquarters itself, interacting with leading UN officials and experts during committee sessions and attend a briefing by senior foreign service officers at the US State Department’s Mission to the UN. Contact Dr. Sandy Hulme or Matt Yettaw.

  • Multi-Cultural Student Union

    Our goal is to increase awareness and promote diversity on Alma’s campus through interactive activities and discussions. Check out our Facebook page! For more information, contact advisor Dale Sanders.

  • Pine River Anthology

    Pine River Anthology is a yearly award-winning juried magazine. The publication is a collaboration of both the English and Art departments. The departments work together to find a theme for the issue. The English department puts out flyers to let students know when submissions are due. They organize all the submissions, and then meet to decide which ones go into the issue. Students who want to get involved should contact someone on staff of the Pine River or advisor: Sandy Lopez-Isnardi.

  • See Spot Run

    See Spot Run is a monthly creative writing publication. Current positions are: editor, asst. editor, copy editor, columnist and cartoonist. The editor manages the entire PR and the publication to make sure everything is running smoothly. The editor also does the layout and chooses the selections that go into the issue. The asst. editor distributes and assists the editor when needed. Students who wish to get involved should contact the editor; the staff is listed in every issue.

  • Squirrel Club

    Squirrel Club is a nature appreciation organization. The group enjoys the natural wildlife here on campus, namely the squirrels. The students enjoy taking a break from the stressful school life and enjoying the outdoors. Squirrel Club activities include naming squirrels, holding squirrel photo contests, building squirrel homes and hosting a rabies awareness walk. Students can attend the group’s weekly meetings if they wish to get more involved in the group.

  • Student Athletes Advisory Council

    The SAAC group consists of about two athletes per team on campus. SAAC has meetings every couple of weeks to get teams involved on campus. It takes control of working concessions at athletic events. Each year, the MIAA has a theme and the students make it their goal to develop activities to include an event throughout the year surrounding that theme. To become a part of this group as an athlete, you need to address the current member on your team and let them know you are interested. SAAC would always like more participation from the athletes on campus.

  • Student Congress

    The Student Congress of Alma College exists to assist in improving the educational institution which strives for an excellent education in a rapidly changing world. Student Congress acts as a liaison between Alma College students and administration. They make their best effort to provide a conducive environment to suggest change and activity through the Alma community. Alma College Student Congress meets every Monday at 6:30 p.m. in SAC 113. Student Congress brings in guests and speakers (such as Vice Presidents or the manager of Sodexo) weekly to speak about issues that concern students and make suggestions for improvement. Student Congress is the easiest way to make change happen on campus because there is a direct connection between administration and students. To become a member (with voting rights) you must be part of a student group and be delegated as a representative. Meetings are open to the public but not all have the right to vote. See the Student Congress Facebook Page and/or Contact Student Congress.

  • Student Judicial Conduct Board

    The Student Conduct Board is a group of eight students whose purpose is to determine guilty/not guilty verdicts for students who are identified and documented by a college official for a possible violation of the student code of conduct. In addition to determining guilty/not guilty verdicts the board also assigns sanctions for students found in violation. Through sanctioning, the board makes an attempt to educate students about why a particular behavior is not acceptable. The primary goal is to educate students about the code of conduct and to help them make better choices in the future.

  • Students Promoting Alumni Relations and Konnections (SPARK)

    SPARK’s mission is to stimulate the interest and participation of the students in the progress of the college, to promote leadership in all facets of campus life, to expose Alma College students to the activities and goals of alumni and parents, and to develop an even more cohesive, achievement-oriented and loyal student population. See our Facebook page or contact president Hannah Austin,, for more information.

  • The Almanian

    The Almanian is a student-run newspaper that covers college events. All aspects of the newspaper are produced by students, including stories, photos and page designs. The Almanian is a weekly publication that is released on Monday mornings for the campus. The website provides a digital copy of the paper, job listings, and students can apply to be a member of the news team. If you are interested in being a part of the paper, a student should get in contact with the current Editor-in-Chief.