Student Life

Social and Special Interest

Alma College ACM Chapter

To increase knowledge of and greater interest in the science, design and development of modern computing.
President: Bryan Scheiber or
Advisor: Dr. Myles McNally

Alma College Chemistry Club
Chemistry Club is an organization that is open to any student on campus who is interested in chemistry. Our main goal is to educate elementary and middle school kids about how much fun chemistry can be through demonstration shows. Students participate in two shows: Science Blowout in the fall and Little Sibs weekend in the winter. Chemistry Club also travels to elementary and middle schools in the area and does demonstrations. Chemistry Club Website

Alma Choirs The Alma Choir is the primary touring choir in the Alma choral program. The Choir’s reputation for excellence, its many traditions, and its ambitious performing, touring and recording schedule attract a group of talented students for whom choral singing is an important part of their lives. Alma Choir members are drawn primarily from the junior and senior classes. The singers have all earned their way into the Alma Choir through membership in the College Chorale and/or the Women’s Glee Club. To schedule an audition contact Dr. Will Nichols ( Choir Website

Alma College Climbing Club
The Alma College Climbing Club is a group dedicated to climbing rocks—really big rocks. The club takes annual climbing trips to some of the most beautiful places the United States has to offer, including past trips to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, the New River Gorge in West Virginia and Horse Pens 40 in Alabama. Climbing Club Website

Alma College Equestrian Club
This organization is open to anyone who is interested in competing at the collegiate level of the equestrian sport. We will share our knowledge of the various disciplines executed at the collegiate level and motivate each other to excel in the sport. Our club competes throughout the year against various colleges in numerous locations. The club promotes hard work and training and helps enhance sportsmanship as an individual and as a team. For additional information about the association we compete in please view If you have any questions or are interested in joining our club, please contact:, Jennifer Willey 269-532-0207 (, Lane Thompson 989-575-1263 (, or Dr. Dougherty 989-466-5451 (

Alma College Hepcats
We provide a fun and inclusive environment for the learning of various styles of dance, including East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, and Blues dancing every Saturday from 8 p.m.-11 p.m. See our Facebook page or contact our Advisor Kristen Bennett or President Anna Weber.

Alma College Otaku and Gamers
Alma College Otaku and Gamers, was founded in 2002 and it focuses on Animé, Manga, and Gaming. ACOG is known for its Friday night activities ranging from showing movies and television shows to tabletop gaming. Its video game tournament is its most recognized event. The group stays active on campus with various activities. Many of the members have campaign-based games that are ongoing and if you are new to the game, chances are someone can help you. Members are also encouraged to start something new if there is nothing that currently interests them. ACOG is an easy club to get involved in. In order to join students must attend a meeting or event and simply sign-up to be on the mailing list. ACOG Website

Alma College Percussion Studio
The Alma College Percussion Ensemble, founded in 1989 by David Zerbe, is a multi-faceted performance ensemble. The group performs traditional chamber music as well as world music, jazz and steel drum music. Members of the ensemble are in demand throughout the state as private instructors and percussion ensemble and marching percussion coaches. In addition, the percussion ensemble co-hosts the Alma College/Hohner Institute of Percussion Summer Percussion Workshop in affiliation with Yamaha Corporation of America’s “Sounds of Summer Camps,” a comprehensive two-week hands-on workshop providing participants with a broad experience in instrumental percussion performance.

Alma College Republicans
The Alma College Republicans want to make known and promote Republican principles on Campus. The students work to aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government. They learn political and leadership skills in preparation for future service to our party and community. Students who are interested in getting involved can contact or join the Facebook group “Alma College Republicans.”

Alma College Theatre
The Theatre program is committed to the liberal arts philosophy. We strive to provide all Alma students with a carefully structured production experience in acting, directing and design along with a solid academic background in the theory, history and literature of the theatre. Our academic and production programs serve as excellent preparation for advanced training and study at the graduate level for careers in all areas of theatre arts. At Alma, theatre is a living process. Theory in class is combined with extensive experience in production. The small college environment makes it possible for students to be intimately and directly involved in theatre from freshman through senior years. The liberal arts are emphasized while the fine art of theatre is practiced—a meaningful cooperation.

Alma College Union Board (ACUB)
ACUB is a student-run organization that is responsible for hosting different events throughout the year for students, including movies, game tournaments, excursions off campus such as Piston or Red Wings games, etc. There is no fee to join this group and you can contact any of the board members or the advisor about joining the group. ACUB also rents out stereo equipment, projectors and popcorn machines. Call us at x8681.

Alma Symphony Orchestra
The Alma Symphony Orchestra is a regular class (MUS 152) that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30-12:50 as well as Wednesday evenings. Students must audition, although ASO does have players at all levels and everyone is encouraged to join the group. The orchestra performs four concerts a year as well as a children’s concert; it publishes a brochure and has a new CD of the group. Generally, students who have played in their high school band or orchestra and are interested in continuing to play their instruments are encouraged to talk with Dr. Gross about the orchestra. Look for posters and announcements in the fall about the joining the group. ASO Website

The Almanian
The Almanian is a student-run newspaper that covers College events. All aspects of the newspaper are produced by students, including stories, photos and page designs. The Almanian is a weekly publication that is released on Monday mornings for the campus. The website provides a digital copy of the paper, job listings, and students can apply to be a member of the news team. If interested in being a part of the paper, a student should get in contact with the current Editor-in-Chief.

Biology Club
The Alma College Biology Club and TriBeta are student organizations created in order to promote an active interest in the field of biology through field trips, demonstrations, scientific shows and other activities. Any student, regardless of major, can participate in Biology Club events and attend meetings, whereas only biology or biochemistry majors/minors can enter into TriBeta, the national organization (certain criteria must be met in order to be admitted into TriBeta).

Catholic Student Organization (CSO)
The CSO is focused on helping students continue to learn about the fundamentals of Catholic faith and theology. The group meets once a week for discussion-style meetings in the Chapel basement. The group is open to all students regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof. CSO also organizes some other philanthropic events throughout the year. To join, a student must simply attend a meeting. See our Facebook page.
Advisor: Ed Lorenz, 463-7203,
President: Jacob Poliskey,

Chinese Club
The Alma College Chinese Club is a student-run organization established in 2009. Elected officials and enthusiastic Chinese students help organize extra-curricular activities and other cultural activities. The Club meets regularly and works very closely with the Chinese Program Faculty.

The College Chorale is the largest choir on campus and is open to all Alma students based on live auditions. Membership is drawn primarily from the freshman, sophomore and junior classes. Chorale focuses on developing the musical skills and singing abilities of each member, providing singers the chance to rehearse and perform great choral music from the United States and around the world and fostering the physical, intellectual and spiritual enjoyment of singing. College Chorale Website 

Alma College Equestrian Club
This organization is open to anyone who is interested in competing at the collegiate level of the equestrian sport. We will share our knowledge of the various disciplines executed at the collegiate level and motivate each other to excel in the sport. The club will promote hard work, training and sportsmanship as individuals and as a team. Equestrian Club Facebook Page
Contact: Cheyenne Moore or Dr. Deborah Dougherty

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Alma is an informal group that meets weekly for an hour. Anyone is welcome to come, even if they don’t play a sport in college. Meetings include a time of sharing and prayer, a game and then short devotional. The group also has small parties; for example carving pumpkins for Halloween and gingerbread house contests around Christmas.

French Club
French Club plans campus events that promote French language and culture. The events can include French foods, modern music, slideshows, cultural books, movies and much more. Any and all students are welcome to join by simply attending meetings. French Club offers opportunities to see and learn more about the French culture and language. The students meet every Thursday at 7 p.m. in SAC 106.

German Club
The purpose of German Club is to spread knowledge to those interested in German culture through fun events such as plays, films, Christmas events, Karneval and many others. We try to hold different events every year to show more aspects of German culture and to keep things interesting. All are welcome to join! The German teaching assistant attends every meeting and helps with all of the events. The TA is usually someone from a German-speaking country, so he or she is very helpful in the creativity and ideas for events. Contact advisor Dr Holly Liu or club president Carly Schlinkert for more information.

Glee Club
The Women’s Glee Club is the first ensemble in the Alma College choral program and it draws many of its 40+ members from the freshman class. However, the joys of singing treble music and the easy camaraderie of the group lead many women to sing with the Glee Club throughout their years at Alma College. All of the women in the Alma Choir and the College Chorale have sung in the Women’s Glee Club and many continue to do so as their schedules permit. The talented membership of the Women’s Glee Club makes it a very special choir. The addition each year of 30-40 freshmen singers to a core of “seasoned veterans” has helped make the Alma College Women’s Glee Club an outstanding choir. The Glee Club performs in all the major concerts, including Homecoming, the Festival of Carols, and the masterworks concert each April. Glee Club Website

Hispanic Coalition (HisCo)
We in the Hispanic Coalition (commonly known as HisCo) make it our mission to increase cultural awareness on campus and in our communities. Throughout the year we hold fundraisers and other drives in order to help the migrant workers in our area as well as other causes the group feels passionate about in addition to hosting events during Hispanic Heritage Month. We aim to break out of the Alma Bubble in order to learn more about the cultures that surround us. Visit us on Facebook. Email Hisco or contact advisor Stephany Slaughter or president Alana DuLyn for more information.

Interfaith Council
To promote interfaith understanding on campus and in the community by hosting holidays of under-represented faiths on campus and educating students about world religions.
President: Rachel Burckhardt

International Club
International Club is for students who are interested in gaining a broader perspective of other cultures’ customs, beliefs and traditions. Each month the group hosts World Kitchen Night where people from various cultures invite others and teach them how to prepare a dish from their culture. Participants get a hands-on approach on proper dining etiquette and gain insight into how other people from different cultures interact. Other events include presentations about foreign cultures, a Christmas party where students discuss their traditions, various museum visits, trips to various restaurants such as Japanese, Korean, Indian, Middle Eastern and many others. Students who are interested in joining can attend one of the weekly meetings, which are Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. in the Smith Room of the Library. The group is always welcoming to new members who wish to gain a broader perspective of the world. Any questions, contact the president: Heather Kane or our advisor: Dr. Chih-Ping Chen

International Criminal Court Student Network
Increase awareness on campus and in the community about the International Criminal Court as well as provide opportunities for students to network and travel to The Hague.
Contact: Morgan Beeler 231.343.6745 or Dr. Ed Lorenz

Kiltie Dancers
Kilties is a Scottish Highland dance performance group on campus. Each of the dancers in Kilties has been taking lessons for at least one year from either the advisor or previously from another certified Scottish Highland dance instructor. They perform at the Homecoming parade and football game each year. Kiltie Dancers also perform in the community for various holidays and events. Kiltie Dancers Website

Alma College Kiltie Guard
To advance the athletic form of the arts in that it uses dance, props, body movement, music, and emotion to create choreography. This choreography is made to complement the Marching Show in the fall and to reflect the interests and passions of the guard members in the Indoor Show.
Captain: Samantha Perrin
Advisor: Dave Zerbe
Instructor: Beth Turner 

Kiltie Marching Band
The Kiltie Marching band performs at all home football games and parades. The band also has performed at Disney’s Epcot Center, The Detroit Thanksgiving Parade, three NCAA Division III play-off games, in exhibition for the Hastings Marching Invitational and for public school programs in Michigan. Also, the band hosts the annual Alma College/Hohner Institute of Percussion High School Marching Band Invitational. This event, now in its seventh year, brings over 1,000 young musicians to campus to perform and be critiqued. Membership in this ensemble is open to all Alma College students by audition. Kiltie Marching Band Website

Kiltie Wind Ensemble
Under the leadership of Mr. David Zerbe, the Kiltie Wind Ensemble performs the finest college-level wind band repertoire from Grainger to Ives. The Kiltie Wind Ensemble has performed throughout mid-Michigan and collaborated with guest artists and clinicians such as Donald Hunsberger and Vincent Persichetti. Kiltie Wind Ensemble Website

Lacrosse Club
Lacrosse club is really a lacrosse team. Games usually take place on the weekends. We play a spring and fall season as well as a winter training program. The team is essentially for students who have played lacrosse or are interested in the sport and would like to play. It costs nothing to play but personal gear is required. The lacrosse club encourages anyone to come out and try the sport; however, there is a commitment. As a club team we stress that school comes first and this is for fun. That said, we still expect players to come to practice and games and be willing to dedicate time to the program.

Math Club
The goal of Math Club is to promote the beauty of mathematics on campus. We meet weekly and celebrate Pi Day each March 14. Contact advisor Tim Sipka or president Jacob Blazejewski for more information.

Model UN
Model UN is a winter semester political science course open without prerequisite to all students, regardless of major. Model UN students often enroll as first year students and continue as team members throughout their four years at Alma (Model UN can be taken every year for credit.) Students represent both countries and non-governmental organizations researching current policies and developing ways to improve at the Midwest competition in St. Louis and the national competition in New York City. They also spend two days in the United Nations headquarters itself, interacting with leading UN officials and experts during committee sessions and attend a briefing by senior foreign service officers at the US State Department’s Mission to the UN. Contact Dr. Sandy Hulme or Matt YettawModel UN Website

Multi-Cultural Student Union
To increase awareness and promote diversity on Alma campus through interactive activities and discussions.
Contact: Dave Buhl

New Life Campus Missionary
New Life is a small group consisting of 20-25 people that meet on Wednesday evenings from 9-10 p.m., usually in Jones Auditorium. Speakers from outside Churches, other students, and professors are invited. New Life has worship music as well as fellowship following the service. The group also participates in service trips at Schnepp’s Alzheimer’s facility in St. Louis and community café. The group has also attended different Christian concerts such as Switchfoot and Newsboys. It is also trying to implement more small service outreach groups here on campus. Anyone from any denomination is welcome to come.

To expose the greater Alma community to a variety of new and exciting choral literature, Off-Kilter is a 24-voice a cappella ensemble. Since its founding in February 2011, Off-Kilter has been completely student run. Every aspect of the ensemble from auditions to music selection to getting gigs is handled by the students. It is our goal to bring the Alma Community a varied repertoire. Our founders thought it was important to expose the students both in the choir and in the community to music they might not otherwise get a chance to sing. We meet twice a week and have performed a variety of concerts. Off-Kilter Facebook Page
Contact: Brett Yzquierdo 616.566.1125 or Victoria Walker

Political Science Club
Political Science Club has an association with Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honorary on campus. Many of the members of Political Science Club are members of Pi Sigma Alpha; however, you do not have to be a political science major/minor to join either the club or the honorary. The group is interested in promoting learning beyond the classroom and it tries to host a variety of events each semester to do just that. The Club is looking to expand the variety of events each semester—such as movie nights, career days with LSAT and GRE prep, tutoring sessions, etc. Political Science Club’s Facebook Page

Pine River Anthology
Pine River Anthology is a yearly award-winning juried magazine. The publication is a collaboration of both the English and Art departments. The departments work together to find a theme for the issue. The English department puts out flyers to let students know when submissions are due. They organize all the submissions, and then meet to decide which ones go into the issue. Students who want to get involved should contact someone on staff of the Pine River, which will be/is listed in the publication.
Advisor: Sandy Lopez-Isnardi, 989.400.1233

Queer-Straight Alliance
The Queer-Straight Alliance is a support group for individuals on campus who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer (LGBTQ) or who are supportive of those who are LGBTQ and of LGBTQ issues. Students participate in state-wide events such as the AIDS Walk in Lansing as well as hosting several other events such as the Drag Ball, Day of Silence, movie nights, National Aids Awareness Day, etc. To get involved, students need to attend the meetings, events or office hours. The office is open to the campus for individuals to hang out, do homework, play games, etc.

See Spot Run
See Spot Run is a monthly creative writing publication. Current positions are: editor, asst. editor, copy editor, columnist and cartoonist. The editor manages the entire PR and the publication to make sure everything is running smoothly. The editor also does the layout and chooses the selections that go into the issue. The asst. editor distributes and assists the editor when needed. Students who wish to get involved should contact the editor; the staff is listed in every issue.

SPARK (Students Promoting Alumni Relations and Konnections)
SPARK’s mission is to stimulate the interest and participation of the students in the progress of the college, to promote leadership in all facets of campus life, to expose Alma College students to the activities and goals of alumni and parents, and to develop an even more cohesive, achievement-oriented and loyal student population. See our Facebook page.
Advisor: Robyn Carr:, 810-599-8232
President: Lindsey Duddles:, 231-884-0957

Squirrel Club
Squirrel Club is a nature appreciation organization. The group enjoys the natural wildlife here on campus, namely the squirrels. The students enjoy taking a break from the stressful school life and enjoying the outdoors. Squirrel Club activities include naming squirrels, holding squirrel photo contests, building squirrel homes and hosting a rabies awareness walk. Students can attend the group’s weekly meetings if they wish to get more involved in the group.

Student Athletes Advisory Council
The SAAC group consists of about two athletes per team on campus. SAAC has meetings every couple of weeks to get teams involved on campus. It takes control of working concessions at athletic events. Each year, the MIAA has a theme and the students make it their goal to develop activities to include an event throughout the year surrounding that theme. To become a part of this group as an athlete, you need to address the current member on your team and let them know you are interested. SAAC would always like more participation from the athletes on campus. SAAC Website

Student Congress
The Student Congress of Alma College exists to assist in improving the educational institution which strives for an excellent education in a rapidly changing world. Student Congress acts as a liaison between Alma College students and administration. They make their best effort to provide a conducive environment to suggest change and activity through the Alma community. Alma College Student Congress meets every Monday at 6:30 p.m. in SAC 113. Student Congress brings in guests and speakers (such as Vice Presidents or the manager of Sodexo) weekly to speak about issues that concern students and make suggestions for improvement. Student Congress is the easiest way to make change happen on campus because there is a direct connection between administration and students. To become a member (with voting rights) you must be part of a student group and be delegated as a representative. Meetings are open to the public but not all have the right to vote. Student Congress Facebook Page
Contact Student Congress

Student-Led Bible Studies & Fellowship Groups
Student leaders facilitate meetings centered around studying and applying scripture. Meetings often consist of prayer, studying, fellowship and worship. Various groups have different focuses. See Spiritual Life.

Student Missionary Coordinators
A team of nine students works together with the Chaplain to organize the Chapel service and stay attuned to the needs of students on campus. They focus on worship, music, technology, hospitality, publicity and fellowship. See the Chaplain’s Office.

The Scot
The Scot is the Alma College yearbook, which is put together by students. As a group their responsibilities include choosing the theme and title of the group, taking photos, creating and designing layouts for the pages and distributing the book. To get involved with the Scot a student should apply at the beginning of the year. Depending on the need of staff for the particular year, positions can include editor, photo editor, junior editor, a layout staffer or a photographer.

Alma College Triathlon Club
To promote, educate and motivate any and all persons in the sport of triathlon. Triathlon Club Facebook Page
Contact: Zakkary Hardyniec 734.812.8549 or Dr. Maurie Luetkemeier

Ultimate Frisbee
The Ultimate Frisbee Club is organizes games and practices for anyone to attend. They play approximately twice a week. The game notices are spread through their Facebook group “Random Ultimate Frisbee Night” and include the location, time, and date of the games. Besides playing recreational games, Alma sends a team to tournaments around the state. Ultimate Frisbee is a fantastic form of exercise that people have fun doing. Newcomers learn the game quickly due to the relatively few rules and the camaraderie that players share. Ultimate is a non-contact sport which encourages respect and fun for everyone involved. Ultimate Frisbee Club Facebook Page

WQAC Radio Station
WQAC is Alma College’s low-power radio station. It gives students a chance to be on-air as DJs, trains them to use the equipment, and gives them the freedom to create their own shows. They can create a specific music show, talk show, news hour or whatever they please as long as it’s approved. WQAC also puts on events for the campus (concerts, outdoor meals w/ Sodexo). In addition, it allows other campus organizations to use its services for advertising by contacting the Campus Affairs Director. DJ meetings are held every semester. Information can be found in the Daily General Announcements or on-campus advertising. There is no formal requirement to be a DJ. Just show up to an informational meeting, and if you are interested WQAC can set up a training time. WQAC Website