Student Life

Bike Program

First-year students have the opportunity to help accelerate Alma College’s commitment to staying fit and staying green.

Too often, we rely on our cars as a sole means of transportation. Through the Get Out Bike Program, you can break your dependency on cars and put the brakes on traffic congestion, fuel consumption and pollution.

By signing a pledge not to bring a car to campus for the 2014–15 and 2015–16 academic years, you also agree to volunteer for two of the three Adopt-the-Trail days with the Get Out Experience. In return, you will be given a bicycle at the discounted rate of $100 (retail price $379.99). Yep—yours to keep!

With schedules crammed full of fun, we know it’s easy to overlook health and fitness. Luckily, Alma’s small location allows students to effortlessly bike to stores, restaurants and other locations on campus and in the surrounding community. With our 41-mile paved trail, there are really no excuses!

We hope Alma’s bike program also will help you make connections with your new community. By choosing not to bring a car to campus, you’re stepping from behind the windshield and onto a campus with tons of college programming and student life activities—take advantage of it!

Interested? Explore bike options and our partner, Terry’s Cycle.