Student Life

Outdoor Experience

The Get Out Program at Alma College gives students a reason to get outdoors and explore the beauty and nature of Michigan.

Through physical fitness activities such as biking, hiking and skiing, Get Out provides a way to de-stress at a minimal cost. The program provides great opportunities to meet new people who share your interests.

Students who are particularly enthusiastic about biking can participate in the Get Out Bike Program. After signing a pledge not to bring a car to campus, these students receive a bike at a discounted rate.

“Mid-Michigan is a great place for cyclists, and it’s getting better all the time. Our campus is bordered by the 41-mile Fred Meijer Heartland Trail, a converted rail bed that shows the often-forgotten beauty of Mid-Michigan. Our campus is located just minutes from downtown businesses, restaurants, parks and services, and Alma is an easy town to negotiate by bike,” says Alma College President Jeff Abernathy, himself an avid cyclist.

Because a sustainable campus is important to us, we’re dedicated to providing these kinds of experiences. To help our students reduce their carbon footprints, we also offer alternative transportation services through the Shuttle Service and Indian Trails.