Student Life

What can I do on campus?

Greek? Geek? Whatever your passion, Alma College has something for you.

You belong at Alma. With close to 100 student organizations, Alma College has something for every student: academic honor societies, fraternities and sororities and special-interest groups like Squirrel Club. That’s right—we said Squirrel Club. And yes, its members have their own T-shirts.


With memberships in multiple organizations, students like Rachel Lane ’14 never have a dull moment in their schedule, one of the many advantages of being involved on campus.

“I love how much there is to do on campus!” she says. “You could have something on your schedule every hour of every day. I’ve learned a lot about how to balance my priorities—and made a lot of great friends along the way.”

Many student organizations use their creative forces to create joint programming, giving students the opportunity to make tons of new friends—and maybe discover a new passion along the way.

While figuring out what you’re really into through campus involvement, you’ll also be building an awesome résumé. Participating in a student organization is a great way to showcase your leadership skills—or to start to develop them.

Don’t see an organization for you, though? Create your own! In addition to Squirrel Club, some of Alma’s newer organizations include Literacy Beyond Borders and the Interfaith Council, but the possibilities are endless!