Student Life

Religious Interest

  • Bible Studies and Fellowship Groups

    Student leaders facilitate meetings centered around studying and applying scripture. Meetings often consist of prayer, studying, fellowship and worship. Various groups have different focuses. For more information, see Spiritual Life.

  • Catholic Student Organization

    The Catholic Student Organization (CSO) is focused on helping students continue to learn about the fundamentals of Catholic faith and theology. The group meets once a week for discussion-style meetings in the Chapel basement. The group is open to all students regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof. CSO also organizes some other philanthropic events throughout the year. To join, simply attend a meeting. For more information, see our Facebook page, contact our advisor: Ed Lorenz, 463-7203,, or our president: Jacob Poliskey,

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Alma is an informal group that meets weekly for an hour. Anyone is welcome to come, even if they don’t play a sport in college. Meetings include a time of sharing and prayer, a game and then short devotional. The group also has small parties; for example carving pumpkins for Halloween and gingerbread house contests around Christmas.

  • Interfaith Council

    Our goal is to promote interfaith understanding on campus and in the community by hosting holidays of under-represented faiths on campus and educating students about world religions. For more information, contact Will Donahue.

  • New Life Campus Missionary

    New Life is a small group consisting of 20-25 people that meet on Wednesday evenings from 9-10 p.m. Speakers from outside churches, other students, and professors are invited. New Life has worship music as well as fellowship following the service. The group also participates in service trips at Schnepp’s Alzheimer’s facility in St. Louis and community café. The group has also attended different Christian concerts such as Switchfoot and Newsboys. It is also trying to implement more small service outreach groups here on campus. Anyone from any denomination is welcome to come.

  • Student Ministry Coordinators

    This team of students works together with the chaplain to organize the weekly Chapel service and stay attuned to the needs of students on campus. They focus on worship, music, technology, hospitality, publicity and fellowship. See the Chaplain’s Office for more information.