Student Life


Each student who participates in the Get Out Bike Program will be required to sign and uphold the following pledge:

I hereby pledge to do my part to ease traffic congestion, limit fuel consumption and reduce pollution by not keeping a car or other motorized vehicle at Alma College during the entirety of my first two years, from Fall Term 2015 through Spring Term 2017. In exchange for this pledge, I accept the bicycle given to me by the college and will use it as my sole means of wheeled transportation on campus and within the Alma community.

I understand that ownership of the bicycle will be transferred fully to me upon my fulfillment of this pledge, and that I bear full responsibility for its safe operation and routine maintenance from this day forward. I understand that any violation of this pledge agreement is a direct infraction of the Alma College Code of Conduct and may therefore be subject to disciplinary action under that Code. I further understand that there may be tax implications based on my 2015 income and tax filing status. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Alma College and the Alma College Get Out Bike Program from any and all liability arising from possession or use of the bicycle as outlined in this agreement. Alma College and the Alma College Get Out Bike Program are not responsible for any injury or damages related to possession or use of the bicycle and its related equipment. I understand that by participating in this program, I am using the bicycle and equipment at my own risk.