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What is the Alma College Get Out Bike Program?

First-year students starting Fall 2015 will be given the option to sign a pledge that he/she will not bring a car to campus during the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years. The pledge also includes a commitment to volunteer for two of three Adopt-the-Trail clean-up days coordinated with the Get Out Experience. Students who sign this pledge will be given a bicycle to keep for as long as they wish, at the discounted rate of $100 (retail price: $450.00) and the purchase of a helmet and lock, or proof of ownership of a helmet and lock.

Why is Alma College doing this?

There are many drivers, so to speak, behind the Get Out Bike Program. One is health and wellness. In the fast world in which we live, we often overlook ways of being healthy. One such way is through simply moving more. Alma College is situated in a small community which allows students the ability to pedal to stores, restaurants, and other locations on campus and in the surrounding community. Also, Alma College is situated on a 41-mile paved trail. Another major driving factor is relationships. Sometimes cars can hinder the connections first year students make with their new community. By choosing not to bring a car to campus students have more opportunities to participate in college programming and leisure life outside of classes.

The Pledge

What does the pledge say?

You can read the full text of the pledge here, but students will be asked to sign a hard copy.

How will the terms of the pledge be enforced?

Any student who applies for a parking permit will have his/her name checked against the names of students who signed the pledge. If his/her name is on the list, the application will be denied and he/she will be reminded of the terms of the pledge.

What if a student repeatedly ignores the pledge?

We are initially giving students the benefit of the doubt and entrusting them to be honest. Any violation of the pledge agreement is a direct infraction of the Alma College Code of Conduct and may therefore be subject to disciplinary action under that Code.

The Bikes

What model bicycles are being offered?

Trek Models 3500 (Men’s) and Skye (Women’s)

What is included with the bike?

  • Lock
  • Lights
  • One year routine maintenance from Terry’s Cycle in Downtown Alma

How will a student be able to identify his/her bike from dozens or hundreds of others?

A special decal with a unique identifying number will be affixed to each bicycle. The list will be furnished to Alma College Security in case of theft.

Whose responsibility will it be to maintain the bikes?

With the purchase of the bike, each student will be given one year of free maintenance at Terry’s Cycle in Downtown Alma. However, ultimately, maintenance becomes the student’s responsibility as soon as ownership of the bike transfers to him/her. Basic tools will be made available at the Stone Recreation Center.

Where will the bikes be stored during winter months?

The Alan J. Stone Recreation Center will house the bikes during the winter and it will be right where you left it when the weather breaks in the spring. 

What will become of a bike after the end of the school year, or if a student no longer wants it?

The bike belongs to the student; therefore, it is up to him/her whether it is sold, given away, etc.


What is the deadline for new students to sign and return the pledge?

The deadline is July 24th, 2015. Due to the limited number of bikes available, this is a strict deadline.

When will students who sign the pledge physically receive their bikes?

Everyone will receive their bike during orientation week. 


My question isn’t listed here. Where can I turn?

Other inquiries can be directed to Garrett Thelen, assistant director of campus recreation, at (989) 463-7954 or