Reservation of Campus Facilities

Campus scheduling is reserved through the Conference Office.

All arrangements for the use of college facilities by off-campus groups are made through the Conferences Office.

All interior and exterior decorations of campus facilities must be approved by the Director of Facilities and Service Management. All on-campus events must be scheduled in consultation with the Student Life Office associate for scheduling at x7147 to assure a minimum of conflicts with other events and to place your program on the events calendar.

The scheduling of campus facilities for use by on-campus groups is the responsibility of the following:

Rooms in SAC: x7252

Rec Center: x7949

Library Rooms: x7229

Dow: x7198

Chapel: x7981

Faculty Dining Room: x7334

Hamilton Commons: x7334

Hogan Center: x7277

Heritage: x7130

Reid-Knox: 7146

Thistle Room: x7334

VanDusen Commons: x7334

Contact Student Life Office x7147 for the following:

  • Rotunda
  • Jones
  • Fireside
  • Wright Hall

Last updated 7/23/2013