General Information

Telephones are not provided in residence hall rooms. If students wish to have a room phone, they may rent a phone from Information Technology Services for a small fee.

Outgoing Calls

To place on-campus calls, dial the four-digit number. To place all off-campus calls, including local, calling card, toll-free, and 9-1-1 calls, dial (8) to access an off-campus line. This service is restricted to local and on-campus calls.

Incoming Calls

Students with room phones may receive long-distance calls from family and friends when the caller dials the 989 area code, the 466 prefix, and the four-digit number assigned to the student’s room. Students may receive local calls when the caller dials the 466 prefix and their four-digit number. To receive on-campus calls, only the four-digit number will need to be dialed.

  • If a phone line/jack requires repair, call ITS at x7188 to request telephone repair.
  • Students are responsible for all repairs to their personal phone equipment.
Acceptable Use
  • Any person who vandalizes or misuses a phone or related equipment will be responsible for any charges incurred to repair or replace the damaged, missing equipment. Alma College may take disciplinary action against offenders.
  • Threatening, Obscene, Nuisance or Harassing Calls: Michigan State law prohibits the use of telephone communications for calls of this nature and provides that any person violating this statute could be subject to fines and other legal proceedings.
  • Warning to All Telephone Users: Michigan state law in part reads as follows: “Any person who knowingly obtains or attempts to obtain telephone service or the transmission of a telephone message by the use of any false or fictitious telephone credit number, telephone number, or by the use of any telephone credit number or telephone number of another without the authority of the person to whom such credit number or telephone number was issued, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Last updated 7/21/2016