Damage to Rooms and Living Areas

When you enrolled at Alma, you paid a security deposit. This deposit is used by the Business Office of the college as a source from which funds can be recovered if you withdraw or graduate without settling all your debts with the college. Debts will accrue from charges made to students during their enrollment for the following reasons:

  1. Damage to one’s room or its furnishings
  2. Damage to common areas of the residence hall (hallways, bathrooms, lounges, etc.) where specific responsibility for the damage cannot be pinpointed.
  3. Failure to check-out from one’s room
  4. Fines from parking tickets
  5. Library fines
  6. P.E. Center equipment fines
  7. Fines related to rooms or common areas being left in disrepair or needing cleaning.

Whenever such charges are made, they must be paid before you register for the following term. If all of your accounts with the college are in good order (i.e., when all debts are paid), the Security Deposit will be refunded within six weeks after you graduate or go through the official withdrawal process.

Last updated 9/26/2013