Student Handbook


1. Since the sanctions of Written Warning (WW), WarningProbation (WP) and Disciplinary Probation (DP) areconsidered a warning that further action may benecessary for another violation of Alma College policyand serve little other function, they will rarely be usedwithout additional sanctions.

2. Fines and/or community service (CS) in addition to a written sanction will be imposed for most violations. If the seriousness of the violation does not warrant a fine and community service, a fine will probably be imposed before community service.

3. Fines must be paid within two (2) weeks of the date of the hearing unless other arrangements are made between the fine recipient and the Student Conduct Coordinator (SCC). Failure to pay the fine within the specified period will result in further sanctions.

4. The deadline for completing community service hours will be set by the SCC after considering the circumstances of all parties involved. Community service hours will be monitored by the SCC through the appropriate supervisor such as, but not limited to, the director of Facilities and Service Management, a hall director, or the campus chaplain.

5. Recommended but not automatic guideline sanctions for various offenses:

a. 1st Alcohol/Quiet Hours/Noise violation: $75 fine*/Alcohol Awareness/WW

b. 2nd Alcohol/Quiet Hours/Noise violation: $100 fine*/Alcohol Awareness, CS, WP

c. Failure to comply with an R.A. or other: $100 fine*/10 hrs. College official CS, WP

d. 3rd Alcohol/Quiet Hours/Noise violation: $150 fine*/Alcohol Counseling, CS, DP

e. Other serious violations: $100 fine*/20 hrs. CS, DP

f. Further repetition of regular violations: $150 fine*/25 hrs. CS, DP

g. Steepest sanction imposed by SCC: $250 fine*/50 hrs. CS, DP

h. Extreme violation where the offender is a threat to the cohesiveness of the Alma Community: Refer to Vice President of Student Life.

6. The SCC’s actions on similar cases may also be considered when determining the appropriate sanction. The SCC will impose different, more appropriate sanctions when it is determined that those sanctions would be more beneficial to the offender and Alma College community.

7. These guidelines can be amended at any time by a recommendation of the SCC and approval of the Vice President for Student Life.

Additional Sanctions Imposed by the Hearing Agent:

These sanctions may be imposed after a specific violation of College policy has been established.

Removal from Residence Halls: This action terminates a person’s status as a resident at Alma College. A person receiving this sanction must find alternative housing. This sanction does not affect their ability to enroll in classes, nor attend events.

Suspension: This action terminates a person’s status as a student at Alma College or a group’s status as a recognized organization for a specific period of time not to exceed one calendar year.

Disciplinary Probation:

This confers upon a student or group a probationary status for a specific period of time not to exceed one academic year of enrollment. During this time, if they are found responsible for further violations of College policy or fail to abide by any conditions established as part of their probation, then more severe sanctions are likely to be imposed.

Disciplinary Probation – appears in a student’s personnel file. This probation can include but may not be limited to the loss of any combination of the following privileges.

  1. Participation in student publications
  2. Participation in intercollegiate athletics
  3. Participation in intramural athletics
  4. Participation in public performances, events, or ceremonies in College sponsored activities (public appearances that must be required for course work are the only exception)
  5. Holding an office in any student organization
  6. Registration of a motor vehicle
  7. Exercising the privilege of choosing housing options
  8. Living in campus housing


Expulsion: This action terminates a person’s status as a student or a group’s status as a recognized organization for an indefinite period of time. When the sanctions of suspension or expulsion are imposed, the individual or group will be required to leave the campus. Written permission must be requested in advance from the Vice President for Student Life before a suspended or expelled student may return to the campus. Organizations or groups who receive either status will cease using College facilities and lose all privileges granted to recognized organizations on campus. At the time that these sanctions are imposed, stipulations controlling the conditions to be met to permit an individual to re-enroll or a group to re-register as a College organization may also be established. Conditions which are reasonably related to the original offense, and are believed necessary to facilitate the reasons for imposing the sanctions, may be attached to any sanction. Examples of such conditions include, but are not limited to: monetary penalty; restitution for damage, theft, or loss; loss of privileges such as use of alcoholic beverages, visitation or use of a motor vehicle; counseling; loss of financial aid; or service and/or work assignments. Any condition attached to a sanction must be met within the duration of the sanction.

Last Revision: 8/1/2015