Hearings & Adjudications

All cases involving student infractions of College policies and regulations will be adjudicated by a staff member acting as a hearing agent except where noted. Cases of civil rights violations, discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct will follow the Civil Rights Grievance Policy and Procedures.

All hearings will be heard by a hearing agent except where noted. Typical hearing agents will be members of the Student Life Office staff who have received training in Student Conduct and conflict resolution. Other faculty and staff may hold a hearing at the request of the Student Life Office when appropriate. If the case is of a serious nature the case may go directly to a hearing with the Director of Campus Life or the Vice President of Student Life.

Below is a basic outline of a student conduct hearing:

1. The hearing agent will introduce themselves and explain what will happen in the hearing

2. The student(s) or group representative(s) will receive a copy of the Incident Report and/or other relevant documentation.

3. The hearing agent will review all relevant policies and ensure that all parties understand the policies.

4. The hearing agent will discuss the charges and policies with the student(s) or group representative(s). The parties will have an opportunity to add or clarify any information and ask questions in this stage of the hearing. The hearing agent also will ask any questions they have.

5. The hearing agent will ask the student(s) or group representative(s) to plead responsible or not responsible for violating College policy.

6. If a student(s) or group representative(s) pleads responsible, the hearing agent will discuss potential sanctions with them.

7. The hearing agent will review the timeline for the remainder of the conduct process and describe the appeals process.

8. After the hearing, the hearing agent will consider all of the evidence available and inform the Student Conduct Coordinator of their decision.

The description above is a generic outline and does not reflect the process for all cases. Hearing structure will vary by hearing agent, case, and violation.

If a student wishes to withdraw from Alma College while student conduct charges are pending, the charges will be held until the student returns to campus. The hearing process will resume immediately upon the student’s return. Students charged with serious allegations that could result in disciplinary probation, suspension, and/or expulsion may not withdraw from Alma College until the hearing is completed and a decision has been made.

Last Updated 7/26/16