Appeal Process

Appeals of disciplinary decisions are reviewed only if they are submitted in writing. Two types of appeals are possible:

  1. Appeals seeking a review of the procedures or
  2. Appeals based on new evidence not presented at original hearing. 

The decision of the appeal is considered final. 

All appeals must: 

  1. Be submitted to the appeal agent no later than 48 hours after the student(s) or group has been notified of a decision. The appeal agent and their contact information will be designated in the decision letter. 
  2. Specify whether the appeal is seeking a review of procedures and/or presenting new evidence. 
  3. Provide the necessary detailed information to support their position. 

Appeals of disciplinary decisions made by a Hearing Agent must be submitted to the Director of Campus Life unless otherwise stated in the decision letter. Appeals of disciplinary decisions made by the Director of Campus Life must be submitted to the Vice President for Student Life unless otherwise stated in the decision letter. Appeals typically will be heard by the person to whom the appeal was submitted, though this will not occur in all cases. If the appeal is heard by an individual other than the person to whom the appeal was submitted the student will be informed of the name of the appeals agent.  

Based upon his/her review, the appeals agent may: 

  1. Confirm the original decision;  

  1. Return the case to the Hearing Agent for a new hearing 

  1. And/ or change the sanction(s) and/or the condition(s) originally imposed.  

In all cases, the appeals agent will provide those concerned with the appeal with a written rationale for their decision.  

Last Updated 7/26/16