Student Handbook

Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

Alma College strives to provide safe living spaces for all students and to be inclusive of all gender identities. It is the College’s standard procedure to provide students with same-sex housing assignments within the rooms of all campus housing units. The College recognizes, however, the need to consider requests for opposite-sex and/or mixed-gender room assignments. Thus, the Student Life Office may permit opposite-sex and/or mixed-gender room assignments to accommodate students with a gender-based need. In all cases of gender inclusive housing, all occupants must voluntarily agree to this living arrangement.

The Student Life Office will exercise the Gender Inclusive Housing Policy with the following guidelines and considerations: 

  • All approved gender inclusive housing assignments will be in co-ed hallways or other co-ed campus housing units. For first year students these spaces will be available in Gelston and Mitchell Hall.
  • All approved gender inclusive housing assignments will take into account campus housing space constraints.
  • All students with an opposite-sex and/or mixed-gender housing assignment must voluntarily agree to live within a gender inclusive room, suite, or other campus living unit.
  • Students assigned to gender inclusive rooms, suites, or other campus living units with shared private spaces (including bathrooms), must have voluntarily agreement of the opposite-sex and/or mixed-gender housing assignment from the other student(s) sharing the living space.
  • The Student Life Office must have written documentation that all students assigned to opposite-sex and/or mixed-gender housing assignment and any shared space voluntarily agree to the living arrangement by filling out the Gender Inclusive Housing form found here.
  • Students and their chosen roommates should follow the standard housing process in the Winter term and participate in the housing lottery on housing nights to get a room assignment.


Last Revision 8/01/2014