Firearms & Weapons Policy

No person shall possess, discharge, transfer, transport, or otherwise use any weapon on any property owned, leased or otherwise controlled by the college. This prohibition applies regardless of whether the individual has a concealed weapon permit or is otherwise authorized by law to possess, discharge or use any such device. Exceptions to this prohibition are listed below.


Weapon includes, but is not limited to: a firearm; explosives (including fireworks); dangerous chemicals, substances or compounds intended to cause injury to another, or possessed in negligent disregard for the safety of self and others; knives with blades longer than three (3) inches or with an open blade locking mechanism; swords; machetes; projectile devices that could cause injury to others or any other device that could reasonably be considered to be a weapon.


These prohibitions do not apply:

  1. During the time when the weapon is worn as part of a military or fraternal uniform in connection with a public ceremony, parade or a theatrical performance, an academic presentation or performance; or
  2. To Alma City or Michigan State law enforcement officers of legally established law enforcement agencies, during the time the officers are engaged in work requiring a weapon; or
  3. To non-College persons who are required by their employer to possess or use a weapon during the time the employee is engaged in work requiring a weapon, providing the President of the College or his/her designee has received prior notification; or 
  4. As commercial, ceremonial or performance elements of special events (e.g., festivals, open air markets, etc.) granted access to college grounds by Alma College; or
  5. When the President of the college or designee has waived the prohibition based on extraordinary circumstances or an exemption is granted through a lease agreement with the college. Any such waiver must be in writing and must define its scope and duration.

Any student violating this policy shall be subject to suspension or dismissal. Others may be subject to banning from campus and arrest for trespass.

Alma College and the local law enforcement agencies do not provide weapon storage of any kind to any member of the Alma College Community.

Last updated 10/1/2013