Student Handbook

Alcohol-Related Events Policy

Student safety on college campuses is of national and local concern. Alcohol use and abuse figure greatly into student safety issues.

The policies below are derived from prevailing practices at other MIAA institutions, national best practices and recommendations from risk-management documents of national Greek letter organizations on our campus. Also taken into account were Alma College’s geographic setting and the limited availability of third-party vendors.

Any event held without alcohol may host guests up to the fire or safety capacity of 100 total

Major Events (Large Parties)

This Section concerns Greek housing; other small houses fall under the college’s regular Guest and Visitation Policy in the Student Life Handbook. A major event is defined as an open event where non-members and the general campus community are invited or an event larger than 70 total participants is sponsored.

  1. Any organization wishing host or sponsor a major event where alcohol is served must engage a third-party vendor for facility use and beverage service. 
  2. Organizations are subject to the third-party vendor’s terms and restrictions.
  3. Transportation to and from the event is the responsibility of individual attendees or the organizers should they wish to sponsor a service. Organizations are subject to the transportation provider’s terms and restrictions. 

Minor Events (Small Parties)

This Section concerns Greek housing; other small houses fall under the college’s regular Guest and Visitation Policy in the Student Life Handbook. National risk management policies for our fraternities and sororities on-campus parties recommend that those events are limited to smaller gatherings that are by invitation only. Therefore the following procedures are in place.

  1. Parties must be registered one week in advance with Campus Safety and Security.
  2. Parties may only occur on Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.
  3. A guest list will be provided when the party is registered with Campus Safety and Security and a copy must be provided to the Student Life Office.
  4. The guest list will be limited to the hosting organization and either 40 or fewer guests, or another fraternity or sorority. (Permission must be obtained from the Student Life Office in cases where the total number in the house may exceed 70.)
  5. Guests must present an invitation when arriving at the party. They must also be matched with their name on the guest list.
  6. Anyone who does not have an invitation and is not on the guest list must be turned away.

In addition to the above-stated policies the party must comply with the policies and procedures as laid out by campus security. (This can be found in the Appendix.)

Unregistered Parties

For Greek Housing, unregistered parties are any gatherings in which there are more than 20 non-members of the hosting group in the presence of alcohol. Unregistered parties are a violation of policy and the offending group will be subject to the Greek conduct process.

For other Theme and Small Housing, unregistered parties are any gatherings in which there are more than two guests per resident (in most cases this means 8 guests) in the presence of alcohol. The offending Theme House will be subject to the student conduct process.

Violations and Sanctions

Violations of any of the above-listed policies in a two-year period will likely result in the following:

First Offense – The house loses party privileges for 4 weeks, and the President, House Manager, and Risk Manager must meet with the Director of Campus Life to retrain on policies. They, in turn, must then retrain their house members.

Second Offense – The house loses party privileges for a semester. All members of the organization must undergo risk management training with the Director of Campus Life prior to party privileges being reinstated.

Third Offense – The house will be vacated for no less than one semester and be placed on probation. If any violations occur during the probationary period the house will be vacated for a year and the house will risk having its charter pulled.

Regulations Relating to the Serving of Alcohol in Sodexo-operated Facilities

All campus events serving alcohol in facilities that are controlled by Sodexo, including Van Dusen Commons, Snack Bar, Heather Room, Faculty Dining Room and President’s Dining Room, must follow the following regulations:

  1. All drinks are to be served by Sodexo bartenders. Bartenders will check IDs at the bar.
  2. There will be absolutely no access to facilities back of the house or back of the bar by anyone but Sodexo personnel.
  3. No sale of alcohol will be permitted.
  4. All alcoholic beverages must be furnished by the student organization.
  5. The organization is solely responsible for enforcing the 21-year-old drinking age, refusal to control this regulation will result in barring this group from having future parties in Sodexo-controlled facilities.
  6. Disorderly conduct will result in immediate dismissal of perpetrators from the premises and could result in the event being closed down.
  7. Premises must be vacated by 1 a.m.
  8. The organization is responsible for making arrangements for delivery and prompt removal of any college or outside equipment such as risers, folding tables, audio equipment, etc.
  9. A faculty advisor or his/her representative must be present to oversee the function.
  10. Alcohol beverages and keg taps must be delivered to Sodexo no later than two (2) hours before the function begins.
  11. A fee for extensive room set up and/or clean up will be charged.
  12. All food, beverages (except alcohol), linen, etc., must be provided by Sodexo.
  13. All decorations and special set ups by student organizations in Food Service areas must have prior approval by Sodexo management.

Behavioral Expectations and Sanctions

1. Behavior resulting in violations of college standards as a result of improper use of alcohol will not be excused.

2. Failure on the part of a guest to abide by the colleges regulations may also result in an official request to have the guest leave the campus.

3. The president, the provost, the vice president for student life or any member of the Student Life staff has the authority to suspend, in part or total, any individual’s or group’s privilege to use alcohol under this policy until such times as more permanent action is taken. The college has the authority to deal with violations of the above stated alcohol policy by the procedures of due process as set forth in this Student Life Handbook.

Each group sponsoring events under this policy is encouraged to develop long-term goals and expectations for responsible drinking. Avoidance of alcohol abuse, physical safety and freedom from disturbance are concerns which each group should address in developing these goals.

Last updated 10/1/2013