Stone Center for Recreation

Intramural Sports

IM Sports are a great way for students, faculty and staff to stay in the game!

                                 2014 – 2015 INTRAMURAL SCHEDULE

SPORT                                                                                                           SEASON

KAN JAM                                                                                                        9/15 – 9/25

PICKLE BALL                                                                                                9/29 – 10/9

FLOOR HOCKEY                                                                                         10/13 – 10/30

TABLE TENNIS                                                                                            11/3 – 11/6

WHIFFLEBALL                                                                                              11/10 – 11/13

4 v. 4 VOLLEYBALL                                                                                      11/17 – 12/4

DODGEBALL                                                                                                 1/12 – 1/22

INDOOR SOCCER                                                                                        1/26 – 2/5

KICKBALL                                                                                                      2/9 – 2/19

BASKETBALL                                                                                                3/3 – 3/24

6 v. 6 VOLLEYBALL                                                                                      3/25 – 4/9

SOFTBALL                                                                                                    4/27 - 5/20

BEACH VOLLEYBALL                                                                                 4/27 – 5/20

Sign-Up for the IM Table Tennis Tournament by 7pm on Sunday, November 2nd!   

There will be both a singles and a doubles tournament. You are welcome to sign up for both as they will not be played at the same time! Click the link below to enter!

2014 Floor Hockey Schedule

1. Team USA                             5. Bookhockey

2. Die GroBe WeiBe Buffel       6. Sigma Chi Team B

3. SAE Fraternity                       7. Signma Chi Team A

4. Great White Buffalos

(Winning Teams are in Bold) 

Monday, Oct. 20th

9:15pm     1 vs. 6

10pm        2 vs. 5

Tuesday, Oct. 21st

9pm          3 vs. 4

10pm        5 vs. 1

Wednesday, Oct. 22nd

9pm          4 vs. 2

10pm        6 vs. 7

Thursday, Oct. 23rd

9pm          2 vs. 7

10pm        3 vs. 6

Monday, Oct. 27th

9pm          4 vs. 5

10pm        6 vs. 2

Tuesday, Oct. 28th

9pm          5 vs. 3

10pm        7 vs. 1

Wednesday, Oct. 29th

9pm          3 vs. 1

10pm        4 vs. 7

Thursday, Oct. 30th

8pm          Seed # 1 vs. Seed #4

9pm          Seed # 2 vs. Seed #3

10pm        Championship



Players, Substitutes, Roster Size, and ID’s
  1. A team shall consist of six (6) players, including a goalie.  Four  (4) players are required to avoid a forfeit
  2. Participants must show their ID to the scorekeeper before playing.
  3. Substitutions may be made at any time.


Playing Area
  1. The game shall be played on a surface the size of a standard enclosed basketball court. 
  2. All games will be played in the Alan J. Stone Center for Recreation.
  3. The floor will be marked with five (5) face-off points; one (1) at the center of the floor and 2 adjacent to the sides of each goal.


Game Equipment / Uniforms
  1. A puck and hockey sticks are the required equipment for game use.  The IM Department will provide this equipment.
  2. The goalie may wear any equipment he/she deems necessary as long as it does not increase the width of his/her body.  The IM Department will provide goalie masks and the goalie is required to wear this mask.


Periods, Time, and Substitutions
  1. Playing time shall consist of three periods of 12 minutes each.  Intermission between periods will be five minutes. 
  2. The clock will be a continuous running clock, stopped only for time-outs, injuries, and stoppage of play in the last 5 min of the game. 
  3. Mercy rule: If a team is up by 10 or more goals with five or less minutes in the game, the game will be declared over.
  4. Each team will be granted one time-out per half.
  5. Overtime procedures:
  6. Games that are tied will be determined by playing a 5-minute sudden death period, with a running clock.  If the score is still tied, the deadlock will be broken by three alternating penalty shots taken by three different players from each team.  Whichever team is ahead at the end of these shots wins the game.  If the score is still tied after the penalty shots, the two teams will choose different players and will shoot by alternating teams until one misses and the other scores.  Each team will receive the same number of shots on goal.
Playing the Game
  1. The referee will toss a coin during the captain’s meeting to determine sides.

Putting the puck into play:

  1. Every time the whistle is blown, the puck is put into play in one way, a face-off

-face-offs occur when:

  1.          a period is to start
  2.          a goal is scored
  3.          the puck is frozen between two players
  4.          the puck leaves the playing surface
  5.          a net is dislodged
  6.          an injury occurs
  7. Play is started at the beginning of each period and after a goal has been scored by a face-off at the center floor dot.  All other occasions the face-off should be at the nearest face-off dot on the floor.
  8. All players, except the two involved in the face-off, must be at least 10 feet away from the face-off spot, and must be on the defensive side of the face-off spot.

Playing the puck:

  1. There are no off-sides.
  2. High sticking is not allowed.

High sticking occurs when the blade of the stick goes above waist level.

  1. Players may play the puck off of their body if the puck hits them.
Goalie Rights and Responsibilities

One player may be designated as the goalie from each team.  This player is the only player that has goalie rights within the goal crease.

  1. The goalie may use any means possible to stop the puck with their body, gloves, and/or stick. 
  2. Upon gaining control of the puck, the goalie has three seconds to play the puck.  If the goalie does not distribute the puck, a face-off will be called. 
  3. The goalie may leave the crease at anytime, however once out of the goal area, they must follow all rules that apply to court players.
  4. In the case that the net becomes dislodged, but is not involved in the ensuing play, the referee shall allow play to continue and replace the net.  If the net becomes dislodged and is in the course of play, the referee shall blow the play dead and a face-off will restart play at the nearest face-off dot.  An intentionally dislodged net will result in a penalty, or penalty shot.  A referee may award a goal if the shot was headed into the net when the net was dislodged.  This is a referee’s judgement call, which can not be protested by the players.
  5. If a team wishes to pull their goalie and add a floor player, this team relinquishes all of their goalie rights.  Defensive players may enter the crease to stop a shot on goal; they may not however freeze the puck.  If a defensive player freezes the puck, the result shall be a two-minute delay of game penalty.
  1. All goals shall be worth one point.  A goal is scored when a puck completely crosses the goal line before time expires.
Fouls and Penalties
  1. High Sticking: High sticking shall be defined as raising the stick blade above the waist at any point during play, including the shot.  Penalty for first offense is two-minutes in penalty box.
  2. Player or Stick in Goal Crease: No offensive player or stick may enter the goal or break the plane of the crease at anytime during the course of play.  If this does occur, the puck will be turned over to the goalie.  If a player scores a goal, but their momentum carries them or their stick into the crease, the goal will be disallowed.
  3. Too Many Players on the Floor: Too many players on the floor shall be defined as having more than the legal number of players on the floor.  This will result in two minutes spent in the penalty box (power play for opposing team) by any player on the floor.
  4. Boarding:  Boarding shall be defined as ramming any opponent into the wall, whether they have the puck or not.  This results in an immediate ejection from the game.
  5. Tripping:  Tripping shall be defined as using or attempting to use any part of your body or stick to cause an opponent to fall.  First offense is two minutes spent in the penalty box, second offense is ejection.
  6. Holding:  Holding shall be defined as grabbing an opponent or an opponent’s stick with your hand, arm, or leg to gain an advantage. First offense is two-minutes spent in the penalty box.
  7. Elbowing:  Elbowing shall be defined as hitting or attempting to hit an opponent with your elbow. First offense is  two minutes spent in the penalty box.
  8. Pushing:  Pushing shall be defined as pushing your opponent to gain an advantage. First offense is two minutes spent in the penalty box, second offense is ejection.
  9. Illegal Use of the Hands:  Illegal use of the hands shall be defined as using hands to gain an advantage over an opponent (i.e., grabbing an opponent’s stick or jersey). First offense is two minutes spent in the penalty box.
  10. Charging / Checking from Behind:  Charging shall be defined as a player who runs, jumps into, or charges an opponent. First offense is two minutes spent in the penalty box.
  11. Body Checking / Roughing:  Body checking / roughing shall be defined as excessive body contact with another player.  First offense is two minutes spent in the penalty box.
  12. Delay of Game:  Delay of game shall be defined as any action that hinders completion of the game under its normal time.  This shall include, but not limited to, floor players deliberately freezing the puck, discarding goalie equipment onto the playing surface to stop a ball or player, or intentionally dislodging the net.  Penalty is two-minutes spent in the penalty box for first offense.
  13. Personal Misconduct:  Defined as being disrespectful to an official or an opponent, excessive profanity, abuse of facility and equipment, and any action that might incite a fight.  Penalty is ejection from the game.
  14. Spearing:  Spearing is defined as stabbing an opponent with the butt-end of the stick.  Penalty is ejection from the game.
  15. Slashing: Slashing is defined as hitting or attempting to hit your opponent with your stick in a chopping or swinging motion.  Penalty is two minutes on the first incident.
  1. Participation in the intramural program at Alma College is voluntary.  The College is not responsible for injuries incurred while participating. 
  2. T-shirts will be awarded to winning teams in each division.  Winners should pick up T-shirts in person at the Customer Service Desk in the Alan J. Stone Center starting three days after the championship game.  Participants must present their ID upon collecting their T-shirt.