Stone Center for Recreation

Intramural Sports

IM Sports are a great way for students, faculty and staff to stay in the game!

                                 2014 – 2015 INTRAMURAL SCHEDULE

SPORT                                                                                                           SEASON

Kan Jam                                                                                                      9/15 - 9/25 
Pickle Ball  9/29 - 10/9 
Floor Hockey  10/13 - 10/30 
Table Tennis   11/3 - 11/6 
Wiffleball   11/10 - 11/13 
4 v. 4 Volleyball  11/17 - 12/4 
Dodgeball   1/12 - 1/22 
Indoor Soccer   1/26 - 2/5 
Kickball   2/9 - 2/19 
Basketball   3/3 - 3/24 
6 v. 6 Volleyball   3/25 - 4/9 
Softball  4/27 - 5/20 
Beach Volleyball   4/27 - 5/20 


Congrats to the 2014 Wiffle Ball Champions! 

imageSigma Chi


2014 Fall 4 v. 4 Volleyball

Full Volleyball Schedule

Today’s Games

November 25th


Court 1
N-1 vs. N-12
Court 2
N-2 vs. N-11
Court 3
N-3 vs. N-10
Court 1
N-4 vs. N-9
Court 2
N-5 vs. N-8
Court 3
N-6 vs. N-7
Court 1
S-1 vs. S-12
Court 2
S-2 vs. S-11
Court 3
S-3 vs. S-10
Court 1
S-4 vs. S-9
Court 2
S-5 vs. S-8
Court 3
S-6 vs. S-7



N-1 Bumpin Fuzz

N-2 We Don’t Lose

N-3 Notorious D.I.G. (Rademacher)

N-4 Block Party

N-5 Bruske Bullies

N-6 Notorious D.I.G. (Zaborowski)

N-7 Pop Volley I’m Settin

N-8 Kiss My Ace

N-9 Take a Hit

N-10 4play

N-11 Fighting Hannah Guilfords

N-12 Hulkamania



S-1 Ball Busters

S-2 LumberJACKS

S-3 Jeremy’s Main Mitches

S-4 Late for Class 

S-5 Safe Sets

S-6 Good From Us

S-7 T-Rick and The Rats

S-8 Notorious D.I.G. (Eno)

S-9 Flint Tropics

S-10 Team Mediocre



4 vs. 4 Volleyball Rules 


FALL 2014 4-Player Volleyball Rules 

Players, Substitutes, Roster Size, and ID’s

  1. Total of four players are allowed on the court at once (minimum is three).  Their must be at least two females on the court at all times.
  2. Only current AlmaCollege students, faculty, and staff are permitted to participate.

Playing Area and Conditions

  1. All matches will be played at the AlanJ.StoneCenter for Recreation.
  2. Boundaries: all basketball supports / backboards, ceilings, and beyond the volleyball lines will be considered out-of-bounds.

Equipment and Uniform

  1. Only non-marking shoes may be worn.  Teams do not need matching uniforms.
  2. Volleyballs will be provided for games only.

Length of Game

  1. Teams will play the best two (2) out of three (3) games.
  2. A game shall be played to 21 points using the rally point system.  Games are win by 2! If a match goes into a third game it is to 15 (not win by 2)!
  3. Teams are allowed one (1) one-minute time outs per game.

Forfeits and Starting Games

  1. Game time is forfeit time.  All players should be checked in and ready to play at scheduled time.  There is NO grace period.
  2. A team must have at least three players to start a match, or it is a forfeit.  Anytime a team drops below three players it is a forfeit.
  3. A coin toss will determine which team is serving.  Teams will switch sides and serving order for the second game.  If a third game is needed, teams will re-switch sides and serving order.

Playing Rules and Scoring

  1. The rally point system awards points on each serve whether your team served or not.  For example, if the team serving has a sideout and losses its serve, the opposing team not only obtains the serve, they are also awarded a point.
  2. A ball landing on the line is considered in-bounds.
  3. No more than three (3) hits per side are allowed.  Contact with the ball during blocking shall not be considered a hit.
  4. For co-rec games, the serving order shall be an alteration of male and female players.
  5. The server can serve anywhere behind the endline, within the sidelines.
  6. A player may not step on or over the endline until the ball has been contacted on the serve.
  7. No player may hit the ball twice in succession, except for blocking.
  8. There are no male or female contact restrictions before playing the ball over the net.
  9. A player may not touch the net with any part of their body. 
  10. A player may follow through over the net when executing a spike.


  1. Participation in the Alma College IM program is voluntary.  The College is not responsible for injuries incurred while participating in IM sports.  Each participant is advised to carry personal health and accident insurance. 
  2. T-shirts will be given to the winning team. Players on the roster must have checked in for at least one game to receive a T-shirt.