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Intramural Sports

IM Sports are a great way for students, faculty and staff to stay in the game!

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     2015 – 2016 INTRAMURAL SCHEDULE

SPORT ________________________________________________________SEASON

Kan Jam                                                                                                      9/14 - 9/17 
Pickle Ball  9/21 - 10/1 
Floor Hockey  10/5 - 10/22 
Table Tennis   10/26 - 10/29 
Wiffleball   11/2 - 11/12 
4 v. 4 Volleyball  11/16 - 12/10
Dodgeball   1/11 - 1/26 
Kickball  2/1 - 2/4 
Indoor Soccer   2/8 - 2/18 
6 v. 6 Volleyball 2/22 - 3/24 
Basketball 3/28 - 4/12 
Softball  5/2 - 5/25 
Beach Volleyball Tournament   TBD
4 on 4 Volleyball Tournament  TBD
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament  TBD
Floor Hockey Tournament  TBD
Flag Football Tournament  11/22

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Saturday, Feb. 12th


Zeta Sigma vs. We Bid for Dinosaurs


Winner of 8:00pm to play Brass Monkeys


Each team with loss plays.




1. you can not move with the disc in your hands, you can move as much as you want with no disc in your hand. once you catch the disc you must stop asap.

2. whenever the disc touches the ground, it is a turnover. interceptions can happen.

3. you have a 10 second stall count, if a person stalls you out that is a turnover.

4. you can not strip the Frisbee or touch the thrower in anyway. you can only defend one discs length away. you can block the disc out of the air as soon as it leaves their hands.

5. you have to call your own fouls (these include picks, strips, and pass interference) PI can only be called if the defender is not playing the disc. when fouls are called everyone has to return to their positions from before it happened. stall returns to 0 and the play continues. fouls can be attested, if attested the stall count returns to where it was when the foul occurred.

6. no double team defending, only one defender can be on each person.

Sign-up for IM 6 v. 6 Volleyball

The deadline to Sign-up is 5pm on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd. You must have 4 players to start a game. Only 3 males are allowed on the court at any time. Volleyball players on the 2015 Alma College roster are not allowed in the recreational league and only two 2015 Volleyball players are allowed to be on the floor per team in the competitive league. If you have any questions please contact Garrett Thelen at



Congrats to “Kickin’ It Old School” on their Kickball Championship! 



Team Key

1. Balls to the Wall (2 - 0)

2. DSC (0 - 1 - 1)

3. We Don’t Lose (0 - 1)

4. Sigma Chi (1 - 0 - 1)

5. DGT FC (1 - 1)

6. The Punishers (0 - 2)

7. Team Ronaldo (1 - 0)

8. Team Shirkey

Indoor Soccer Schedule

Tuesday (2/9)


1 vs. 6


2 vs. 5


3 vs. 4

Wednesday (2/10)


2 vs. 4 


1 vs. 5 


7 vs. 6

Thursday (2/11)







Monday (2/15)


1 vs. 7


8 vs. 6


2 vs. 3

Tuesday (2/16)


7 vs. 5


8 vs. 4


1 vs. 3

Wednesday (2/17)


5 vs. 8


7 vs. 3


8 vs. 2

Thursday (2/18)


6 vs. 4


8 vs. 1


2 vs. 7

Monday (2/22)


4 vs. 5


3 vs. 6



 TUESDAY (2/23)


Indoor Soccer Rules at Alma College

Maximum players: 6

Minimum players: 4

Roster size: 9

Roster Requirement: Only 3 soccer players from the 2015 season are permitted per team and two females must be on the court at all times.

Alma College Intramural Sports will use the basic soccer rules as stated in the NCAA rule book.  The following are exceptions to the NCAA rulebook and will be used in the Alma College IMs.

Offside rule: There will be no offside rule.

Out of Bounds: All games will be played on the MAC court (court 4) therefore there will be no out of bounds unless the ball goes out of the netted area.  If the ball exits the playing area it will be put back into play with an indirect kick by the team that did not touch the ball last, near the spot where it went out of bounds. However, kicks will not be allowed by a team in an opponents end any closer than the yellow volleyball baseline.  

Goal keepers: There will be a goal keeper for indoor soccer but he/she will be able to use their hands. The goal keeper is the only player who can enter the half circle without the ball that surrounds the goal.

Goals: in order for a goal to be counted the entire ball must enter the goal.  A shot that bounces off the wall before entering the goal is deemed good.  Any balls that lodge behind the goal will be put into play with a defensive goal kick.  If the defending team deliberately stops or deflects the ball with their hands or arms to stop a goal, there will be a two minute penalty where the team will have to play 5 on 6 with no goalie.   

Mercy Rule: If a team is ahead 6 goals with 7 minutes remaining in the game it will be ended.

Duration of game: two 20-minute halves both running time with the exception of the last minute. 

Half time: 5 minutes

Time outs: There will be no time outs.

Number of players: a maximum of 6 (including goalies) players for each team may be on the court at one time.  Three players are required to prevent a forfeit.


¨       Shin guards are recommended but not required

¨       No black soled shoes are allowed on the courts.  Cleats are prohibited.

¨       No jewelry, casts or other items deemed dangerous by the IM workers are allowed.  Each team will receive one warning without penalty there after a yellow card will be issued to any player found to be in violation on a team that has already received a warning.  

Start of play:

¨       At the beginning of the game, choice of ends and the kickoff are decided by rock paper scissors.

¨       A player kicking the ball into the opponent’s half of the court starts the game at the scorekeeper’s whistle. 

¨       After a goal is scored, the ball is taken to the center of the court and kicked off under the same conditions as when the game started, by the team that the goal was scored on. 

¨       Teams shall change ends of the court at the start of the second half.  Play shall start with a kickoff by the team that did not kick off to start the game. 

Violations: The following violations are considered a penalty. 

¨       Kicking an opponent

¨       Striking an opponent

¨       Jumping at an opponent

¨       Tripping an opponent

¨       Handling the ball

¨       Holding an opponent

¨       Pushing an opponent

¨       Violent or dangerous charging

¨       Hitting the rafters

¨       Delay of game

¨       Slide tackling

. These will be for a duration of 2 minutes where a play will be 5 on 6. 


¨       Cautions will be issued for the following:

¨       Persistently infringing upon any rules of the game

¨       Dissent by word of mouth or action to the opposing team or IM employees

¨       Unsportsmanlike conduct

¨       Ejections will be issued for the following:

¨       Violent conduct or serious foul play

¨       Foul or abusive language

¨       Persisting in misconduct after receiving a caution.

¨       Fighting

¨       Flagrant fouls

¨       Intent to injure

¨       A player receiving a caution card must sit out for 5 minutes during that time the team must play shorthanded, just like a penalty.

¨       A player receiving an ejection or 2 cautions must leave the facility immediately and cannot return to play until the proper steps are taken according to the Intramural Sports Handbook. 

¨       A team that has a player ejected will play short-handed for the remainder of the game, just like a normal penalty.

Tie Game: A tie game will be accepted during regular season.  In the play-offs, a 5 minute sudden death period will be held.  The first team to score will win. Sudden death will be 4 on 4 including goalies. If no one scores in the first sudden death period there will be as many sudden death periods as there needs to be.    

Subbing: It is free substitution, however once a player commits to the bench they can no longer have an effect on the play in anyway or it will result in a penalty.

Sportsmanship: All players are expected to know and abide by the sportsmanship rules as stated in the Intramural Sports Handbook.  Fighting or any other unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated!

Participation rules: Teams are expected to follow the participation rules as stated in the Intramural Sports Handbook. Teams should be dressed and ready to play with the roster completed on the scorecard at game time.

No shows and forfeits: one No Show will put your team on probation.  Once on probation, either one additional no show or one forfeit will remove your team from competition.  Please let Garrett Thelen know at if you cannot make it to a game.

Alcohol and drug policy: Any player, non-player team personnel, or spectator under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave by an IM or Rec. Center Supervisor. 

Protests: all protests must be made in writing and presented according to the Protest rules in the Intramural Sports Handbook.

  • Participation in the Alma College IM program is voluntary.  The College is not responsible for injuries incurred while participating in IM sports.  Each participant is advised to carry personal health and accident insurance. 
  • T-shirts will be given to the winning team in each division.  Shirts can be picked up from the Office please contact x7950 for office hours.  An ID must be presented in order to pick up your T-shirt.  Players on the roster must have checked in for at least one game to receive a T-shirt.