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IM Sports are a great way for students, faculty and staff to stay in the game!

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     2015 – 2016 INTRAMURAL SCHEDULE

SPORT ________________________________________________________SEASON

Kan Jam                                                                                                      9/14 - 9/17 
Pickle Ball  9/21 - 10/1 
Floor Hockey  10/5 - 10/22 
Table Tennis   10/26 - 10/29 
Wiffleball   11/2 - 11/12 
4 v. 4 Volleyball  11/16 - 12/10
Dodgeball   1/11 - 1/26 
Kickball  2/1 - 2/4 
Indoor Soccer   2/8 - 2/18 
6 v. 6 Volleyball 2/22 - 3/24 
Basketball 3/28 - 4/12 
Softball  5/2 - 5/25 
Beach Volleyball Tournament   5/12
4 on 4 Volleyball Tournament  TBD
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament  TBD
Floor Hockey Tournament  2/20
Flag Football Tournament  11/22


Spring Term Softball 


1. The Bench Warmers (4-1-1)

2. Hep C Ya Later (2-4)

3. Part Timers (1-5)

5. Balls Out (4-1-1)

6. Ice Cold Pitches (2-4)

7. Sigma Chi (3-3)

8. Team Not Very Athletic (4-2)

9. Swing Kings (4-2)


Mon. (5/23)


8 vs. 1


9 vs. 5








Maximum players: 9

Minimum players: 8

Roster size: unlimited

  • No team may start or continue a game with less than eight (8) players.
  • Only two (2) members of the JV or varsity softball teams are eligible for play.
  • Only valid AlmaCollege students, faculty, and staff are permitted to play.

Playing Area and Condition:

  • Weather information – teams will be contacted by the intramural office by 4pm the day of a scheduled game if a game is cancelled due to weather.  If a team has questions about play, please call 517-290-3367.  Cancelled games will be rescheduled if possible.
  • On-site cancellation decisions will be made by intramural supervisors.

Equipment and Uniform:

  • Players should bring their own gloves and practice balls.
  • Shoes with rubber cleats will be allowed.  Metal spikes are not permitted (if discovered the player(s) will be automatically ejected).

Participant Conduct and Fair Play:

  • All players, captains, and spectators will be held to a reasonable standard of conduct and fair play.  Violators of this standard will be subject to sport-specific penalties.
  • Officials and supervisors will only discuss concerns with team captains.  The captain must be a player on the active roster.

Time Regulation and Length of Game:

  • The game shall consist of seven (7) innings or one hour, whichever comes first.  No new inning will start 55 minutes after the game begins.
  • If a game must be called for weather, four completed innings will consist of an official game.  Games called prior to four completed innings stand as no game. 
  • Mercy Rule:  If a team is up by fifteen (15) after five (5) innings of play the game will be called. 

Forfeits and Starting Games:

  • Game time is forfeit time.  All players should be checked in and ready to play at the scheduled time.  Once game time has come the team present has the option to wait 10 minutes for the opposing team and play for 40 minutes or to take a win by forfeit.  Once the decision is made it is final.
  • If a team no shows once without a notification via e-mail they will be dropped from the league.
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors will determine the selection of home and away teams.
  • Captains must fill out the score sheet with the correct batting order before play begins.

Playing Rules and Scoring:

  • Pitching Rule
    • One foot must be on pitching rubber and no more than one step before releasing the ball.  The pivot foot must remain in contact with the pitcher’s mound until the ball leaves the hand. 
    • A legal delivery is a ball pitched to the batter:
      • underhanded in any manner at a moderate rate
      • a perceptible arc of not less than 6 feet or more than 12 feet (note: speed and height are determined by the judgment of the umpire)
      • Three (3) strikes will constitute an out, and four (4) balls will constitute a walk.
      • Each batter will start with a count of one (1) ball and one (1) strike

Illegal Pitches

  • An illegal pitch will be called by the umpire upon the release of the pitch.  If a batter hits an illegal pitch, the hit will be void.


  • Two bases shall be awarded for an overthrow that goes out-of-play.  It shall be two bases from the point the runner is at when the thrower released the ball, not the place where the runner is when the overthrow goes out of play.

When Batter is Out

  • If the official batting order is not followed.
  • Infield Fly Rule: if there are runners on first and second bases, or the bases are loaded, and there are 0 or 1 out; the batter hits a fair fly ball that can be easily caught by an infielder regardless if the fielder catches or lets it drop, the batter is out and the runners can advance at their own risk.
  • If the batter hits the ball fair or foul while entire foot is clearly outside the box or any part of the foot touches the plate.
  • Throwing the bat – first time warning- second time called out and ejected from the game.
  • If batter swings and fails to hit the ball fair with a two-strike count after one (1) grace foul is already issued.

When base-runners are out

  • If the runner fails to avoid a fielder attempting to field a ball.
  • If runner tries to steal a base or is leading off.
  • If a base runner passes another base runner, the passer is automatically called out, but the ball is still in play.
  • If the runner deliberately slides or dives into any base with the intent to cause injury to the fielder.  The runner is called out and ejected from the game.
  • If the runner is hit by a batted ball while off the base.

Appeal Play

  • At the end of play, an infielder (including the pitcher or catcher) with or without possession of the ball, may make a verbal appeal on a runner missing a base or leaving a base too soon, even after time has been called, but before the next pitch is thrown.
  • The umpire shall acknowledge the appeal and make a decision on the play.  Base-runners cannot leave their base during an appeal.


Special Co-Ed Rules:

  • When playing with nine, each team needs at least 3 women. Female players must alternate in the batting order until there are no female players left on the roster.   
  • If a male batter is walked (intentional or not) while a female is on deck it is counted as a double with the option of that female also receiving first base.
  • Only 5 Home Runs are allowed per team. 
  • Only 5 runs can be scored each half inning with the exception of the last inning. 

Tie Games and Overtimes:

  • If at the end of seven innings (or one hour) the score is tied, the game shall remain a tie in the regular season.  In playoffs, the last batter from the previous inning will start on second when each team comes to bat each inning, and play will continue until there is a winner.

Play-offs:  The top four teams will make the play-offs.

Questions: Contact Garrett Thelen at or (517) 290-3367


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