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Intramural Sports

IM Sports are a great way for students, faculty and staff to stay in the game!

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     2015 – 2016 INTRAMURAL SCHEDULE

SPORT ________________________________________________________SEASON

Kan Jam                                                                                                      9/14 - 9/17 
Pickle Ball  9/21 - 10/1 
Floor Hockey  10/5 - 10/22 
Table Tennis   10/26 - 10/29 
Wiffleball   11/2 - 11/12 
4 v. 4 Volleyball  11/16 - 12/10
Dodgeball   1/11 - 1/21 
Indoor Soccer   1/25 - 2/4 
Kickball   2/8 - 2/18 
Basketball   2/22 - 3/24 
6 v. 6 Volleyball   3/28 - 4/12 
Softball  5/2 - 5/25 
Beach Volleyball Tournament   TBD
4 on 4 Volleyball Tournament  TBD
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament  TBD
Floor Hockey Tournament  TBD
Flag Football Tournament  11/22

Turkey Bowl 2015 Champions!

The Replacements

Broom Ball

The City of Alma will be hosting a Broom Ball Tournament as part of their, “Come Home To Alma” Christmas event on December 11th. Game play starts at 6pm and teams will consist of 4 people. Teams should be representative of an organization. If you have questions please contact Logan Sweet at 

4 v. 4 Volleyball Schedule Week 2

Monday (11/23)


Court 1 

B4 vs. B1

Court 2 

R2 vs. R7

Court 3

R3 vs. R6


Court 1

B1 vs. B2

Court 2

R4 vs. R5 

Court 3

C1 vs. A1


Court 1 

C2 vs. A2

Court 2

C3 vs. A3

Court 3 

C4 vs. A4

Tuesday (11/24)


Court 1 

A1 vs. B1 

Court 2 

A2 vs. B2


Court 1

A3 vs. B3

Court 2

R1 vs. R8


Court 1 

A4 vs. B4

Court 2

R2 vs. R8








Team Key

                    Pool A 

A1.Playground Legends (3-1) 

A2. Block Party (4-0)

A3. Wii Not Fit (1-3)

A4. Pop A Volley I’m Settin’ (2-2)

                   Pool B

B1. Team Pterodactyl (3-0)

B2. Team “Sober AF” (0-3)

B3. The Family (2-1)

B4. Wait, This Isn’t Soccer? (1-2)


Pool C

C1. Serves You Right (3-1)

C2. Sets on the Beach (1-3)

C3. 4Play (2-2)

C4. Protected Sets (0-4)





Pool R

R1. Norwegian Chocolate (1-1)

R2. Monstars (3-1)

R3. Back That Pass Up (2-1)

R4. Intimidation Nation (1-2)

R5. We Don’t Lose (2-1)

R6. Spike Squad (0-4)

R7. Leedle, Leedle, Leedle (2-1)

R8. DGT (0-0)

4 v. 4 Volleyball Rules

-Rally scoring will be used. A team which has scored twenty-five (25) points and is at least (2) two points ahead shall be declared the winner of the game. If the team does not have a two (2) point advantage, play will continue until one team has a two (2) point advantage with a cap at twenty-eight (28) points.The first team to win two (2) out of three (3) games wins the match.

 -If a tie-break is necessary, teams will change sides after 8 points (in a 15 point game).  

-All play will be governed by United States Volleyball Association rules with the following exception below:

- A team shall consist of four (4) players with a minimum of three (3) to start the game.

- All players except the server shall be in the team’s playing area and in correct serving order with no overlapping of adjacent players at the time the ball is served. Players on the serving team may not intentionally screen or obstruct their opponent’s view of the server.

-No kicking the ball, the player’s foot must be planted.

-All substitutes must remain outside of the basketball court lines during play. Failure to do so will result in a point being awarded to the opposing team.

 -A team must have two females on the court at all times.

General Play:

• A player may not play the ball twice in succession.

• A team may not play the ball more than three times before the ball crosses the net line and into the opponent’s playing area.

• Successive contacts by one player shall not be permitted except on a ball which rebounds from one part of a player’s body to another on one attempt to play a hard driven spike or a serve.

• A player may not block or spike a serve.

• If on a serve, the ball hits the net and carries over onto the opponent’s side, the ball will remain live and in play.  

• Any ball touching the ceiling on the opponent’s side of the court as well as any other obstacles outside or above the court will be ruled out-of-play.  

• Contact with the net or any part of it while the ball is in play is prohibited.

• Reaching over the net is permitted during: o A follow through of a hit made on the player’s own side. o Blocking a return, except on a serve or a set traveling parallel to or away from the net, after the opponent has hit the ball to return it.

• A foot fault at the center line occurs when a player steps beyond the line into the opponent’s side of the court and shall not be permitted.

• Recovering a ball hit into the net shall be permitted.

Non-Scoring Plays

• A replay shall be declared when:

o An official’s mistaken whistle interrupts play.

o A foreign object enters the playing area.

o The referee determines that a player has been injured.

o Simultaneous violations by both teams. 

Congrats to,”Take a Wiff of This” on their wiffleball championship!