Alma College Hepcats

“There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.”

—Vicki Baum

Known for its friendliness and sense of fun, Alma College Hepcats began in 2010 with a small group of students who met several times a week to teach each other to dance swing. Since then, Hepcats has thrived, becoming recognized as an official campus club in 2013 and growing into an organization with a real presence on campus and in the community.

Campus Involvement

In addition to the free weekly Saturday night dances, Hepcats occasionally holds special events. This year, the club was able to bring in Ann Arbor dancers Kenny Schabow and Selena Ransom to hold a

three-hour blues workshop. Members plan to hold at least one workshop per year in the future. 

Members also participate annually in the Alma College Relay for Life, hosting a charity ball and other fundraisers to support the cause. They also host themed dances, like the Halloween dance. 

The weekly Saturday dance always welcomes newcomers and holds lessons at each dance. Senior members are always ready and willing to teach the basics to anyone who wants to learn!

Outside the Bubble

In addition to student membership, AC Hepcats encourages participation from community members, and the group has been working to increase its community involvement. In 2013, Masonic Pathways Senior Living Service invited the club to perform for residents alongside a big band, and members
hope to continue these types of outings. Other possibilities for the future include a monthly dance at an off-campus location to allow more community members to spend time with the group and working with local high school students. 

Current Officers:

Anna Weber (’15): President

Jess Sutherland (’16): Vice President

Joanna Delpaz (’16): Treasurer

Scott Grant (’15): Secretary

Luke Bent (’17): Student Congress Representative

Faculty Advisor: Kristen Bennett

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Contact Anna Weber at or Kristen Bennett at with any questions.