Alma College Union Board

ACUB is a student-run organization that is responsible for hosting different events throughout the year for students’ enjoyment, ranging from movie nights, game tournaments and on-campus entertainment to excursions such as Tigers, Red Wings, and Pistons games.


Our Organization!

There are five basic groups that make this organization be able to provide for the students and all the events it puts on.

  1. Excursions- This group is in charge of providing events mainly off-campus to such events like Tigers, Red Wings, and Pistons games. 
  2. Annual Events & Outside Talent- This group is in charge of bringing in the larger types of entertainment to campus such as Casino Night, Songfest, and on-campus concerts.
  3. Games & Activities- This group is in charge of providing nights on-campus for students to have some entertainment such as Euchre Tournaments, Deal or No Deal, and movie nights. 
  4. Publicity- This group is very important with getting the information out for each event by creating posters, updating our social media, and displaying on screens around campus. 
  5. Sound- This group provides all the sound and tech stuff needed at each of our events and also other events renting our stuff around campus. 

Student Lounge!image

ACUB opened our new Student Lounge in the Fireside room located across from Tyler Van Dusen. The lounge is a place where students can come to relax, hang out with friends, or even study! Loaded with couches and TV’s with so many different types of entertainment including:

  • Wii System, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. 
  • Projector System & Screen
  • Netflix
  • Board Games


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