Media Services

The Media Services office maintains and supplies a wide variety of media-related equipment for use in the classroom. These items include:

  • 27‚ÄĚdiagonal color monitors with DVD/VCR
  • Portable Computer Projection Carts
  • Overhead projectors
  • Portable video projectors
  • Digital Video cameras
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Tripods
  • Document Cameras
  • Laser Disc Players
  • Portable compact disk/cassette players
  • Digital Audio Cassette Recorders
  • Internationally compatible VCR/TV system
  • 35mm carousel slide projectors with remote
  • Satellite dish & cable TV for recording programs

Please call (989) 463-7230 or email  to reserve equipment.

Media-Enhanced Classroom Systems

The following classrooms are equipped with built-in projection systems and Multi-media Cabinets: Clack Theater, Dow L-1, Dow L-2, Dow L-4, Dow 132, Dow 240, SAC 106, SAC 108, SAC 109, SAC 113, SAC 207, SAC 215, SAC 216, SAC 303, SAC 313, and PE 123. Equipment is accessible with either a building key or a classroom key for the building it is housed in. Dow L-1 and L-4 have a Crestron Control System that controls all functions of the Media Cart and Projector. An Extron Control System controls the other classrooms. Instruction is required before use of Media Enhanced classrooms. Please be sure to shut off all equipment and lock the cabinet when your class is finished. If you need a portable computer projection system you can reserve one through Media Services.

The SAC 106 Media Enhanced Classroom requires a laptop. If you do not have a laptop to use in SAC 106, please contact Media Services to check one out for your class.

Please contact Susan Clark at (989) 463-7230 for equipment instruction.