Meal Plans

All residents of residence halls, houses, and apartments owned by Alma College must have a full board meal plan. Residents will be able to pick a meal plan when they sign up for housing, unless their type of housing dictates a particular meal plan (i.e., Wright Hall, Opera House Apartments, and Wright Avenue Apartments).

The meal plans that are available are as follows:

Plan A - 19 meal plan with $175 munch money
Plan B - 210 block with $400 munch money
Plan C- 160 block with $400 munch money, Wright Hall and Wright Avenue Apartments only


Those students applying to be granted exemption from a meal plan acknowledge that a  reduction in financial aid will be taken. The amount is updated annually on the meal-plan exemption form which can be found in the Student Life Office.

Substance Free Policy:

Alcohol-free corridors will be available, on a contractual basis, in Bruske Hall. Only students who are willing to support and abide by the provisions of these areas should sign up for these rooms. If more substance-free housing is requested, it may be granted on a floor-by-floor basis.