Helpful Reminders

  1. You must register for classes in order to be eligible to sign up for housing.
  2. You must be cleared of any Business Office holds in order to be eligible to sign up for housing.
  3. In order to reserve a room, the person must have a roommate(s) who has also registered for classes. The room/house/apartment has to be filled to capacity or else it becomes available to those that meet the housing requirements.
  4. Greek houses must be full for the fall semester for members of the fraternities/sororities to participate in the other housing options.
  5. The order of picking lottery numbers is determined by class standing or by the order indicated in the housing booklet.
  6. Students who cannot attend a particular lottery may send a proxy; the proxy must have in his/her possession, a note signed by the student he/she is representing.
  7. Students may live off campus by exception only.
  8. Any students living off campus or having a meal plan exemption will be subject to a reduction in financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office at ext. 7347 for more information regarding your financial aid package.
  9. If you cannot find a roommate to select a room with, please come to the Student Life Office. You can add your name to a list of those looking for roommates and we will try to help you find someone.
  10. Nobody may retain a room without a roommate (or a proxy signed by their roommate).

Anyone who does not have a roommate will be assigned a roommate beginning May 1. This includes those that have roommates that do not return due to overseas programs, off-campus programs, transfers, or withdrawals. (It is in the best interest of the student that they find a roommate to live with, as opposed to having someone placed with them and a room assigned to them.)

*Class standing is determined by the official list provided by the Registrar’s Office.